What are the best power-up pass blockers in Madden 21?

When facing pressure, the AI quarterbacks will play more faithful to their style of play. For example, a scrambling quarterback will look to run with the ball if they can find an open running lane. A pocket-passing quarterback will look to throw the ball away more when feeling under pressure or even take those 1-on-1 shots down the field to favorable matchups. Playing against Lamar Jackson compared to Tom Brady is an entirely different experience this year, so be prepared accordingly. The AI quarterbacks’ pressure recognition will scale by difficulty level, meaning more severe difficulties like All-Pro and All-Madden. It will become harder to get to the QB for a sack before he throws the ball.

David Bakhtiari – 96 OVR

Team: Green Bay Packers Position: LT It’s no a surprise to see the Packers man at the top of this list, though he does share the #1 spot this year.

GOT YOUR BACK: If you want to use Rodgers, you won’t need to worry about your blindside. Bakhtiari has been either First- or Second-Team All-Pro the last four years and brings 91 strength, a position-best 98 pass block finesse, and 93 pass block power to the left tackle spot.

He’s got 91 impact blocks and 98 awareness too.

Mitchell Schwartz – 96 OVR

Team: Kansas City Chiefs Position: RT Tying for the #1 spot is KC’s correct tackle, Mitchell Schwartz. The massive brick wall has been crushing past rushers for years now.

Terron Armstead – 95 OVR

Team: New Orleans Saints Position: LT Coming in at #3 is the ultra-athletic Terron Armstead. The Saints LT has 89 strength, 86 acceleration, and 80 speed to hustle around the field and pick up even the fastest edge rushers.

COMING FOR YA: Terron Armstead can move fast for an OT. He also has 96 pass block finesse, 95 pass block power, and 94 awareness. Armstead is also a better run blocker than the top two, with 90 run block finesse. If you are feeling tricky, you can use him at TE, thanks to his 65 catching too.

Ronnie Stanley – 93 OVR

Team: Baltimore Ravens Position: LT There is a slight gap to #4, but Baltimore’s Ronnie Stanley is still a terrific player.

Trent Williams – 92 OVR

Team: San Francisco 49ers Position: LT After a year out, Trent Williams has moved from Washington over to San Francisco and is still rated highly.

He is 90+ in every blocking stat – 94 impact block, 94 pass block power, 93 run block power, 91 pass block finesse, 91 lead block, and 90 run block power Williams also brings a massive 95 strength to the position.

Ryan Ramczyk – 91 OVR

Team: New Orleans Saints Position: RT The #6 on this list and #2 correct tackle is Ryan Ramczyk. Paired with Armstead, he gives the Saints a fantastic pair of tackles to bookend their line.

Madden 21 ratings: the top five players at every position

This is why we’ve collated the top Madden 21 players at every single position, from the bomb-throwing Patrick Mahomes at quarterback to the game-deciding boot of kicker Justin Tucker and everything in-between. You’ll discover the new entrants in the hallowed halls of the mythical Madden 99 Club and who has received significant upgrades from last year’s game. It’s all here in our complete list of Madden 21 ratings.

Quarterback (QB)

Following behind the Chiefs QB is Seahawks shot-caller Russell Wilson. Cover star Lamar Jackson receives a healthy boost in his ratings, making his way up to joint third alongside 41-year-old Drew Brees. The senior guard continues to dominate the list, with Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady – now at Tampa Bay – each getting a 90 rating.

Running back (HB/FB)

Plenty of quality running backs to choose from this year. The best of the best is all-rounder (and record-breaker, becoming the third NFL player in history to get 1,000 receiving and 1,000 rushing yards in the same season), Christian McCaffrey, with a 99 rating.

Don’t discount the likes of a human wrecking ball – and post-season dominator in 2019 – Derrick Henry with a brutal 98 Stiff Arm rating. Nick Chubb ties the Tennessee Titans running back, while Ezekiel Elliott (93 Ball Carrying Vision), Saquon Barkley (94 Juke), and Dalvin Cook (95 Change of Direction rating) will all take some stopping.

Wide receiver (WR)

we’ve provided a top ten here rather than a fab five. Despite grabbing the most receptions in a single season in 2019, Michael Thomas has to settle for a 98 rating alongside DeAndre Hopkins, who receives a slight downgrade from last year’s 99. Elsewhere, there’s profound depth: the speedster Tyreek Hill, the ever-present Julio Jones, serious threat Mike Evans, and even Odell Beckham Jr. – despite a disappointing debut season in Cleveland – all feature among the top five highest ratings for wide receivers in Madden 21.

Tight end (TE)

Austin Hooper (Atlanta), 89 George Kittle should be one of your go-to targets in Madden 21. His 98 Catching means he’s a dependable target as any, while his 88 Speed and 89 Acceleration ensure the big guy is a threat in a footrace too. Among the most eye-catching names on the list is the returning Rob Gronkowski. The one-time WWE Superstar is back on Madden with a 92 rating, just ahead of perennial tight end choices Zach Ertz and Austin Hooper.

Tackle (RT/LT)

Trent Williams (LT, San Francisco), 92 6. Ryan Ramczyk (RT, New Orleans), 91 They might not be household names, but Tackle can often be the difference between your Quarterback seeing first down or looking up at the lights. The Chiefs’ Mitchell Schwartz and Green Bay’s David Bakhtiari top the burly pile this year. Watch out for New Orleans, too, as a pair of their Tackles make a list, including Terron Armstead, who comes bundled with fearsome pass blocking stats, all averaging in the mid-90s. Good luck getting to Drew Brees.

Interior lineman (C/LG/RG)

Richie Incognito (LG, Las Vegas), 90 Centres, and guards can help give more time in the pocket and create holes for running backs to exploit. There is none in the game – both virtual and real-world – better at that than Zack Martin. His 97 Run Block attribute means he can manhandle his opposite number more often than not. Two teams, the Eagles and the Raiders, each have a pair of interior lineman here, too.

Defensive lineman (DT/LE/RE)

Calais Campbell (RE, Baltimore), 95 6. Myles Garrett (RE, Cleveland), 93 Defensive linemen, are undoubtedly the most destructive football players. Fumbles and sacks are their wheelhouses – and it’s hardly a shock to see the 99 overall (99 Strength, 99 Power Moves, 98 Pursuit), Aaron Donald top the charts after his continued dominance year after year in the league. J.J. Watt isn’t far behind, with several other elite linemen cutting perhaps the deepest position pool in Madden. Don’t be surprised to see either of the Bosa brothers on this list next year.

Linebacker (MLB/ROLB/LOLB)

Wagner is the only one to break 90 in a shallow year for the position. Elsewhere, the LOLB list is top-heavy with three All-Pro names but sees a sharp dip after that. Demario Davis is the best ROLB in the game but doesn’t break 90.

Defensive back (CB/SS/FS)

Devin McCourty (FS, New England), 92 As the saying goes, defense wins championships. There are three Super Bowl winners on the list, with two, Gilmore and McCourty, forming part of the Patriots’ laughably brilliant defense in 2019 that was scoring on teams for fun. Gilmore, especially, is a significant threat in the air on Madden 21: the 99 rating on Man Coverage and Press means throwing towards him in a one-on-one situation is as good as throwing an interception.

Kicker/punter (K/P)

we’ve gone for the top ten ST players here. Kickers had a shaky time last season: putting it between the posts is more complicated than it looks. Not so for Justin Tucker, who missed just one kick in 2019. Unsurprisingly, he tops the list (98 Kick Power and Kick Accuracy mean he can even be a potent three-point threat from just about anywhere in outdoor stadiums with the wind behind him). On the punter side of things, Johnny Hekker is similarly vital and also has the highest Kick Power and Kick Accuracy stats for the position – both 97.

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