Madden 21 Ultimate Legends sets and challenges

Madden 21 Ultimate Legends plans to win the support of Olympic gold medalists Jim Thorpe, Derrick Thomas, and LTD Antonio Cromartie again this week. Jim Thorpe and his 95 SPD, 98 AGI, 97 ACC, 97 BTK, and 96 TRK grades have today become an upgrade of the famous Bulldog and Rock Island Independence-themed team. The 97-level OVR Professional Edition of Chief Great Man Derrick Thomas has the highest ratings of 92 SPD, 97 PMV, 96 FMV, and 95 BSH, which is a good improvement over his most admired items. Eventually, MUT legend Antonio Cromartie received the LTD item, packaged and sold until 10 am Eastern Time on 2/22. LTD Cromartie is a person-to-person CB with 95 SPD, 97 MCV, 97 PRS, 97 AGI, and 96 JMP grades.

Ultimate Legend Set

In today’s Ultimate Legends version, the following new Sets can be found in MUT:
Career Edition Jim Thorpe-Complete this mission to earn 97 OVR career legend Jim Jim Thorpe. Requires 1 95 OVR Thorpe, 4 91 OVR Thorpes, and 4 87 OVR Thorpes.
Career Edition Derrick Thomas-complete this set to earn 97 OVR career legend Derrick Thomas. Requires 1 95 OVR Thomas, 4 91 OVR Thomas, and 4 87 OVR Thomas.

Ultimate Legends token challenge
Play these challenges every week to get the ultimate legend token. This week’s challenge expires at 10:15 am EST on 2/27.
Requirements: 1 challenge, 700 coins, 1 UL token, four stars possible

Ultimate Legends Release #2

Jim Thorpe and Derrick Thomas face a new solo challenge and receive the player’s Power Up project reward after completion.
Requirements: 2 challenges, 5,800 coins, 2 electrified items, 8-star possibilities

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