UK Game Weekly Sales: Super Mario 3D World + Furious World for three consecutive championships

The latest issue of UK Game Week sales has been announced. Nintendo’s Mario series of extra transplants released on February 12th, Super Mario 3D World + Furious World, has won the British physical sales championship for three consecutive weeks, despite the decline in sales. It’s 38%, but the game still surpassed the second Marvel Spider-Man, Miles Morales, by a slight advantage of 1,000.

Last week, the British market ushered in the PS5 inventory replenishment, and immediately the best-selling game on the PS5 Marvel Spider-Man Miles Morales, got a 172% sales to increase from the seventh last week Jump to second. Although not among the top ten, Demon Soul also ushered in a 123% sales increase. In general, the sales of PS5 physical games have increased by 64% year-on-year.

There were not many new titles released last week. The PS4/Switch platform game Persona 5 Chaos and Phantom Attacker finally landed in the European and American markets, and the dual-version collection took fifth place in sales. Besides, Square Enix’s latest RPG’s Apocalypse of Courage 2, landed on the Switch platform, ranking 11th in the sales list.

It is worth mentioning that the second PS4 game, The Last Survivor’s sales, soared by 3992% last week because the price of this game dropped below 20 pounds, making this game suddenly jump to third place in the sales list.

Top ten weekly sales of British game entities:
Super Mario 3D World + Fury World
Marvel Spider-Man Miles Morales
The Last of Us Part 2
Persona 5 Chaotic War, Phantom Attacker
Mario Racing 8 Deluxe Edition
It’s assembled! Animal Crossing
Call of duty black ops cold war
Fitness ring adventure GTA5
Minecraft Switch Edition

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