GTA5 Explores the true face of the long-lost world of Atlantis in the game

Atlantis City, also known as the Lost World of Atlantis, is a mysterious location in GTA5. In a pre-release screenshot of the game, one of the protagonists is seen diving into a submarine among the wreckage of large cranes and industrial buildings. More information about the area can be seen in a trailer of the game, which makes many players immediately think that the underwater wreck is a sunken city.

The ruins shown in the trailer are extremely unlikely to be a sinking city, because it would be foolish for Rockstar to give out such a large Easter egg so early. The whole purpose of the Easter egg is to allow players to find it on their own.

After further investigation, the underwater city was exposed as a fake. The city is actually the wreckage of a freighter located east of East Los Santos. Finally, there is no sunken city in the underwater area of ​​the game.

But some players say that Atlantis does not actually exist. It was actually a wrecked cargo ship that capsized on the bottom of the sea. This is the proof. The player who asked not to be named said: As you can see, it is possible that the white part of the ship was mistaken for a building, and the long metal part collapsed. I was actually on the Atlantis page Found this and thought I would share it with everyone else in case someone missed it.

It is also understandable why people think that some parts of this ship are buildings, but sadly, the truth is that it is just a ship.

According to the map, there are no markings and no signs of sunken cities. You would think that as the map develops, you will see at least some form of city or island markers. Sorry, but unfortunately, the Atlantis is just a ship. I just wanted to share with you in case any of you missed it. I got information about this ship from the Atlantis page, looked up the information, and found the screenshot, which shows A submarine, looking at the sunken ship with a light.

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