Nvidia will discontinue Switch chip production in 2021?

The Nintendo Switch game console has been a global success since its release. As it enters its fourth year on sale, news about the enhanced version of the model has recently circulated. But just recently, foreign media learned from people familiar with the matter that Nintendo will stop producing Switch chips in 2021, which also implies that a new Switch model is about to be released.

According to foreign media reports, a person familiar with the matter said that Nvidia would stop producing the Tegra X1 chip used in the current endurance version of Switch and Switch Lite within 2021. But the person familiar with the matter did not disclose what Nintendo’s next plan will be, but if the news is accurate, Nintendo will inevitably launch a new version of the Switch in 2021. Recently, rumors about the latest version of the Switch continue one after another.

Bloomberg also broke the news that Nintendo will launch a new version of the Switch with a 7-inch 720p resolution screen. The latest version of the Switch will have a 4K resolution in the host mode. Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa also said before that the Switch has entered the “mid-term” stage of its life cycle and said that there is no plan to announce a new Switch model shortly.

If a new version of the Switch is launched in 2021, new games, including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel and Metro Warrior Prime 4, will be expected to benefit from this.

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