EA Job posting indicates that Madden may be about to change

Madden NFL used to be a regular face on the Nintendo platform, but after Wii U. Madden NFL 13 EA still provides us with FIFA annual updates, we have been there for nearly ten years (even if these are old versions). EA has previously stated that they have no plans to release it to Switch in 2018, but a recent job list shows that Madden can finally arrive.

We found a list titled Online Software Engineer-(C++)-Madden dated November 2020. As part of the job requirements, there is a part that requires two years of work experience Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo game console. It may not sound like a lot, but EA’s previous job positions did not include Nintendo in their standards.

At the very least, EA can investigate possible rejections. It should be remembered that EA confirmed in June 2020 that it would release 7 Switch games within 12 months. We are only a few months away from June 2021, and we have had six confirmed games since then, including Apex Legends, earlier this week.

There is one left, but considering Madden’s annual release schedule, EA may wait for the inevitable Madden NFL 22 (rather than Madden NFL 21 port) because they are traditionally launched in August. Anyway, I hope it is not another old version.

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