The reason why the new Battlefield 6 will Remind you of COD WARZONE

Battlefield 6 is expected to be released this year. There is less and less information about the latest part of the series, and EA has clearly positioned itself in certain aspects of its successful competitor, Call of Duty: Warzone. Ezplayers shows you 5 reasons why BF6 is more like CoD. If all goes well, a new Battlefield will be launched on related game platforms this fall. It is foreseeable that after having experience in Battlefield 5, DICE developers with Publisher EA will work differently. Through leaks, statements from decision-makers, and a new EA survey on Battlefield, its players gradually understand what innovations are waiting in Battlefield in addition to the real gameplay. Some of them sound a lot like The Royal Escape and Battlefield.

Reason 1 – past statement
In the earnings call at the end of 2019, EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson said that with BF6, they hope to become the most modern and best shooter on the market. This is not just an improvement in graphics and technology. To this end, they hope to introduce a new multiplayer experience and expand the social components of the game.
In the conference call, the CEO compared it with the highly successful football simulation FIFA. Here, EA managed to establish a market for playing cards, and as a result, generated a lot of sales through in-game purchases. There are also many mechanisms to reward players for playing time. After converting to Battlefield EA, I will talk about:
New exciting multiplayer game mode
Battlefield real-time service game
New social elements

How does Warzone do this? CoD provides players with more than just a pure Battle Royale game. Game modes continue to emerge, providing new mechanisms for the game framework to create different experiences. For example, there is Panzer Royale, where the team protects an armored vehicle, and they can also adjust and repair it. As long as the parts are still standing, the whole team will be resurrected again and again. This refreshes the experience and creates motivation.
In addition to games, CoD also maintains an e-sports league and regularly organizes events in the Battle Royale Warzone. This has caused further concern. CoD players who watch leagues or theater tournaments often play more. The battlefield is likely to invest more outside the battlefield to allow players to use the franchise longer, just like Madden 21.

Reason The real-time service in BF5 fails completely
For a long time, Battlefield 5 was unable to meet the expectations of many gamers. Content replenishment is too slow for some fans, and many believe that BF5 only showed its potential in the latter part of Chapter 6 (Pacific Region). Developers will change their strategy at this point-the strategy of Battlefield 5 is almost useless.
A new survey conducted by EA (via YouTube) now also shows the direction of BF. In addition to new content, existing maps may undergo significant changes. Therefore, not only can the new map provide a fresh experience, but if the difference is substantial enough, the old map may also be worthwhile again.
How does Warzone do this? In the battle royale of CoD, the large main map Verdansk changes again and again. First, the bunker was looted, and then the running subway system appeared. NPC zombies are currently scurrying around on the map. Map adjustments may be faster to enter the Warzone. But this method is excellent for keeping old content fresh and exciting while bringing new things to the game.
The comprehensive supplement of Battlefield content and advanced games such as Call of Duty: Cold War are free, and both book titles carry regular seasons. For example, if the current Cold War Season 3 begins, then this also applies to Warzone.

Reason 3-the battle pass is a new incentive.
The battle pass can also be used in conjunction with real-time services. Leaks previously mentioned such a system in Battlefield 6 (via GameStar). Now, from EA’s survey, we know that developers are paying attention to this.
Fortnite showed how the Battle Pass performed in the shooter. Give players 100 levels of decorative rewards and let them choose whether to buy the complete pass or use the free version to buy fewer items. It can also work well in BF.
How does Warzone do this? Battle Royale (Battle Royale) has a very fair battle pass and can even provide game-related content. You can unlock more than 100 items for less than 10 Euros and even get back the money if you play many games. The cost of the pass is 1,000 CoD points, which allows you to unlock 1300 points.
Besides, at the beginning of the season, there are two new weapons in the Battle Pass, which you must obtain first. After the season is over, you can get these weapons through challenges if this is not related to the Battle Pass.

Reason 4-Free2Play has achieved great success.
Battlefield 6 polls also cover an accessible game mode. Blast furnace manufacturers usually ask their community if they are interested in the Free2Play model. This can be a brand new game mode or an existing game mode.
With the Free2Play method, Battlefield will be open to more players and attract shooting fans who previously avoided joining the game. Here, developers can also benefit from Apex Legends’ experience. Apex has been around for more than two years. It is funded through in-game purchases and maybe a good template for the accessible Battlefield mode.
How does Warzone do this? Call of Duty showed Battlefield how to multiply its number of players with the Free2Play title. In 2020, there will be more CoD players than ever before, thanks mainly to Warzone. Battle Royale provides top-notch gunfights and premium title images, but you can play all games for free.
This is how many players have come into contact with CoD games for the first time. This can potentially increase the sales of items in the game, increase the number of players, and lead to higher sales of the paid version.
Battlefield has many fans and needs continuous development-BF5 proves both. Whether BF6 can meet the high expectations of today’s players for shooting games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield remains to be seen.
Warzone has shown how it works, and Battlefield has also laid the foundation for success. An insider said that BF6 would be officially launched in May-we will learn more in the latest news.
Do you think BF6 is better than Battlefield 5? Are service titles like CoD: Warzone positioned correctly? How do you explain the latest development of BF6? Feel free to write it to us in the comments.

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