The cheapest solution for FIFA 21-Endgame Vidal FUT Birthday SBC

Another FUT birthday SBC has been released. This time it is a nearly perfect version of Arturo Vidal. MUTGUIDES will show you the cheapest solution. So far, it can be said that EA Sports and FUT birthday events can celebrate complete success. Cheap SBC, the highest target player and the player that the SBC can see. Use the current FUT birthday SBC to launch EA Sports, but there is one more thing. Eighty-nine midfield cards from Arturo Vidal. The map of Chile does not seem to have any weaknesses.

All the values ​​of Inter Milan’s professional players exceed 80 points. If possible, the only drawback is the accuracy of the free-kick, which is 74 points. But you can not only solve this problem.

Inexpensive Vidal FUT solution

For the Chilean Electricity Card, you must exchange a total of three teams.
Piemonte Calcio
The smallest Piemonte Calcio player
At least one TOTW player
Minimum 84 points
At least 75 personalization
For this, you will also get a Prime Hybrid Player package. A cheap version, about 116K FIFA coins, can be found here.

Team 2-Serie A TIM

The next team is about the Italian league itself.
A series TIM
At least one Serie A TIM player
At least one TOTW player
A minimum score of 85
Team chemistry, at least in the 1970s
For this, you will also receive a small rare gold player pack. A cheap version, about 183K FUT coins, can be found here.

Team 3-top performance

The last team is much more expensive, but you can decide for yourself which cards are assignable.
Top shape
At least one TOTW player
Overall score of at least 86
At least 65 personalization
For this, you will also get a Rare Electrum Player Pack. A cheap version that can hold about 265K coins can be found here.
Overall, SBC will cost you, so in the best case, nearly 560K coins when you have to buy each player. If you are patient, please wait until Thursday morning. When all players open the reward, the price drops, and you can bargain.

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