Outriders released on Xbox Game Pass for €1

We initially wrote that the game pass is not preloaded. This information is shared with the official Twitter account of Xbox Game Pass. According to our readers on MUTGUIDES, it works-the game pass can also be pre-installed with Outriders.

Why are Outriders so cheap on Xbox? The loot shooter will be released on Xbox Game Pass on April 1. Then, the subscriber can view Outriders.

What is Xbox Game Pass? This is the subscription model for Xbox and PC. You can call it Netflix for gamers. If you subscribe, you need to pay a monthly fee and have access to many high-quality games.
How much does the subscription cost? Generally, you pay a maximum of 12.99 euros per month for an Xbox Game passes Ultimate on Xbox. However, there is a way to get a 1 Euro pass.

Outriders on Xbox only cost €1-this is the way How does this work? the Prerequisite is:
You have not yet subscribed to the game pass
You have an Xbox Live Gold membership, and if you want to play games online, you must use this membership.
You can upgrade your gold membership to the ultimate game pass for only 1 euro.
Now the subscription runs as long as your membership is valid
Gold membership is much cheaper than buying passes directly
However, it is not clear how long this method will work. Patrick Freese, the editor of MUTGDUIDES, only tried the game on March 15th and explained the technique in detail: Be careful, don’t just pay 10 euros for Xbox Game Pass-I made a mistake
When can you use Game Pass to play Outriders? Outriders will be officially released on April 1. Pre-orders are already available for buyers: Outriders start tomorrow-all information about pre-loads, first day patches, and start time

Xbox Game Pass preload
This is important: According to the Xbox itself, it should not be preloaded. The official Twitter account wrote: Although it is not a preload option, I recommend installing the automatic download feature on the (Xbox) app so that you can start on the first day.
However, it seems that there may still be no problems. If it doesn’t work for you, MUTGDUIDES reader Turrican will prepare tips for you:
Open the Xbox app (not Game Pass)
Navigate to Outriders
Select the full version and download
Choose the console to install
However, the game has not yet started, and it may only be available from midnight on April 1.
Can Outriders also be used in the PC version of Gamepass? Do not. Initially, Outriders will only appear on the Xbox console and appear through cloud games on Android smartphones and tablets in Game Pass. This offer does not apply to Game Pass on PC. But this does not mean that Outriders will never be part of Game Pass.
On PC, you must download the game from Steam or Epic Games Store.
What are Outriders? This is a third-person shooter game by developer People Can Fly and publisher Square Enix. It is a combination of RPG, loot, and story shooting games, with dark sci-fi scenes.

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