This is how the 15 world-class works, which makes OUTRIDERS very difficult

One of the most excellent features of Outriders is the 15 world levels. With them, you can influence the difficulty of loot shooters. MUTGUIDES explains how they work. What is the world level? These are the dynamic difficulty levels of Outriders. They affect the difficulty level of the game, your chances of getting rare loot, and providing rewards for unlocking each level.

They can be changed at any time in the game, even during mission execution. There are 15 world levels, which is especially important for you in the endgame after the end of the story. These factors are affected by them:
Opponent level (lower or higher than the player’s level)
Loot level (lower or higher than player level)
Improver for the drop probability of rare equipment
Modified Legendary drop chance
Permanently unlock (for example, increase the upper limit of equipment higher than the player).
Unlock rewards, such as equipment or honors (gestures, banners, etc.)

If you are good enough, the world level can be unlocked
How to unlock the world level:
You start at level 1 and always show the progress at the top of the screen.
For every successful mission and every killing, the screen is full. If the display is complete, the next world level will be activated. If the difficulty level is too high and you die more, then you will lose progress, and the bar will gradually empty.
Can you come down again? This does not mean that you can lose world rank similarly. Once activated, they will remain. This means that you cannot upgrade because, for example, your equipment is not robust enough.
So the game tells you: Collect the equipment again and build it, and then you can enter the next world ranking.”Therefore, this is an automatic adjustment of the progress.
Because especially in endgames, when it comes to endgame content, higher levels are significant.

15 world levels and their advantages
This is why the world ranking is so essential: According to the developer People Can Fly, the Outriders event will keep you busy for about 30-40 hours and get you to level 30. Then enter the endgame. You can find more information about playing time here: What is the highest level in Outriders, and how long does it take?
Here, you can collect equipment up to level 52 and unlock challenging expeditions. There are 15 expeditions in total. These tasks will keep you busy in the endgame.
However, these effects can only be brought into full play if you unlock 15 world levels simultaneously.

The chances are higher, but the legendary loot is still few
This is why no legendary loot will go with you: even with increased difficulty, the possibility of a legendary weapon is still very slight. For example, because the increased chance does not mean that you now have a 25% chance of having a legendary drop chance on the 5th floor of the world.

25% is based on the essential chance of falling. If the legendary weapon’s drop rate is 1%, the probability of world level 5 is 1.25%, and the likelihood of world level 15 is 3%.

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