How do you feel about OUTRIDERS shooter?

The loot shooter by the development studio People Can Fly was released on April 1. The developer himself is most likely to compare it with “Diablo” and mix many game styles. You can choose between 4 classes, then fight against hordes of opponents and regularly defeat powerful bosses.

The game is played in single-player mode or cooperation with friends. You can determine your difficulty and chance of being looted in the entire world rankings and use new items and weapons to improve your character time and time again.

In the first few days, Outriders reached the top of the Steam rankings. Currently, it is number one among the best-selling products on Steam, and therefore Valheim was also sold, and the company has maintained its top-selling position for a long time. One hundred twenty-five thousand players gambled among the top Outriders. In the past 30 days, there were only eight games with more players at the same time.

Outsiders are very well received-but. Do you have them too?
The first days were like this: On the first day, thousands of players swept the server. For developers, this is a bit too much, because especially at the beginning, there will always be server failures, and many players will not always gamble.

Otherwise, there will be some voices complaining about the error. As a result, some errors have gradually disappeared, ruining the fun of the game.

However, in general, there are many positive aspects. This story should be exciting and varied. Besides, the difficulty of the game is the focus of many discussions. This is challenging but not unfair.

What is the score of Outriders? It’s worth checking out Steam. The comments there are “balanced.” Currently (as of 1:00 pm on April 6th), 68% of people rate Outriders as positive. Harmful sounds usually come from Outriders’ server issues. Many voices do not criticize the content, but because of multiple crashes, they gave negative reviews.

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