Outriders 1.09 patch Tries to Solve the troll problem in the expedition

On June 3rd, the developer People Can Fly released patch 1.09, which is the next update for the loot shooter Outriders. This mainly focuses on matching and trying to solve the troll problem in the expedition. What has changed now? The new update is not particularly big, but it provides two critical improvements that players have been asking for for a long time:

On the one hand, the action was taken against the troll

On the other hand, the introduction of region-based pairing

What troll problem is that?

Some players made fun of kicking others out of the team at the end of the expedition before collecting the loot they obtained. This caused a lot of anger in the community and ruined many people’s multiplayer games.

What’s wrong with pairing?

There are also problems with connection issues in multiplayer games. The previous patch should provide improvements, but it didn’t work well. The new update brings regional matchmaking. This should provide additional stability in player search.

In addition to these changes, there are some other adjustments. We had summarized the patch notes for you and responded to the promise made by the developer. People Can Fly when the update was released.

Patch notes for Outriders 1.09

In addition to the changes already mentioned in the matching and kicking functions, the Outriders login screen was slightly adjusted. The following is an overview of the complete patch notes:

A built-in lock prevents the team leader from kicking other team members out of the team before the end of the expedition.

Built-in area matching to improve group search and stabilize session connection

The login screen now has additional text notifications to make the status of the login process clearer.

Various crashes and memory issues have been fixed.

In addition to the patch notes, the developers have also ensured that there are other issues on the receipt, and they are already making further fixes. They also looked forward to the next update.

Faster updates, changes to legendary loot, Stadia news

This is how it should be done now: In their developer update, People Can Fly promised to provide faster patches and solve existing problems in the future.

Some important points are mentioned in the list:

They are working hard to resolve existing registration issues. The Xbox platform is particularly affected.

They also want to modify the drop rate of legendary equipment. These should not be so frustrating.

The team is also developing this version for Google Stadia, which will soon receive bug fixes and stability improvements.

Even though patch 1.08 has fixed the armor bug, they will continue to pay attention to the player’s resilience and hope to improve it. Currently, players continue to complain that they often die in one fell swoop.

They are still testing some player gains and will provide more information after these tests are completed.

Whether an update like 1.09 will bring players back remains to be seen. After a good start with more than 3.5 million units sold in the first month, the air seemed to disappear two months after the release.

The player either completed the content or moved on in frustration due to numerous errors.

Especially the drop rate of legendary characters should be exciting for some players. Some people have already started cheating because the legendary drop rate is so alarming.

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