Battlefield 2042 will be a Different game on PS4 and XBOX ONE between PS5 and Xbox Series X/S

With the official announcement of the first trailer and Battlefield 2042, we finally know where the game’s journey will go. Many people are skeptical because the last generation of consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, also announced this shooting game. What is the difference between PS5 and Xbox Series X/S? This is why it is so exciting: many gamers are worried about the PS4 and Xbox One announcements. They worry that the new Battlefield may be technically hindered by the old equipment and cannot take full advantage of PS5 and Xbox Series X/S features. With the unveiling of the latest Battlefield branch, we now also know how big the final difference will be. These mainly involve the size of the map and the number of players. But these differences alone can ensure that Battlefield 2042 can become a completely different shooting game on old consoles. We have summarized the differences currently known.

On Xbox One and PS4, the map for each game is smaller, and there are significantly fewer players.

This is why Battlefield 2042 will be a different game on LastGen: In a demo, Battlefield developers from DICE confirmed that although Battlefield 2042 was released for the old console generation, Battlefield 2042 is mainly for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S designed.

Therefore, there will be as many as 128 players on the map. However, Xbox One and PS4 must meet the needs of up to 64 players. Overall, only half of the players in Battlefield 2042 will appear on the map of Battlefield 2042.

Then there is the most significant difference between platforms. According to previously known information, the map of Battlefield 2042 should be damn big. Much more extensive than what you learn from previous parts of Battlefield. However, this only applies to PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5 versions.

The maps on PS4 and Xbox One will only be part of the new map and significantly reduced.

Does this make the previous generation version worse

Half of the players per game and a significantly smaller map-it doesn’t sound so good at first. How this will affect the final game remains to be seen. DICE promises that other functions like Levolution are also here.

What does turn left mean?

This means that veterans should have learned about a feature in Battlefield 2042 from Battlefield 4. During the game, the cards will change due to external events such as tornadoes or sandstorms. However, in Battlefield 2042, this should be more organic and feel less scripted.

The impact on the game may be huge. For example, in the reveal trailer, you can see that the hurricane spins players and vehicles like toys and can change the course of the game.

When will Battlefield 2042 be released?

The Gunners will be released on October 22. If you purchase the Ultimate Edition, you can start one week on advance-October 15th. If you sign up for the subscription service EA Play, you will be able to enter the 10-hour test phase beginning on October 15.

Will there be a public beta?

There should be a public beta, but a release date has not yet been announced.

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