The DOTA 2 Prize Pool Broke the Historical Record again, Reaching a Terrifying US$40 Million

In the global e-sports competition, there is a competition with the most prize money, and it can break new highs every year. It is the Ti of DOTA 2. One year after the suspension due to the epidemic, Ti 10 will start on August 5 this year. The prize pool of the game broke the historical record again, reaching a terrifying US$40 million.

And following the usual practice of dividing prize money in Ti competitions, the first team can get nearly half of the total prize money! For example, TI9’s champion OG directly allocated 15.6 million US dollars! After the players win the championship, they are entirely wealthy and free!

The Ti of DOTA 2 adopts the points competition system. Through a year of significant and minor competitions, couples can get points, and finally, the top 12 teams can directly participate in Ti. In addition, there will be a team in each of the six divisions, a total of 18 teams.

At present, the standings have not been wholly determined because the last event is underway (6.2-6.13) and has entered the final knockout stage. If the Chinese team performs well, there will be 5 Chinese teams among the 18 teams in TI 10, including IG, LGD, Team Aster, VG, and a regional team. The possibility of winning the championship is significantly increased!

And all the suspense will be announced in this week’s game! The game starts at 5 pm, and interested players can go to the official channel to watch the game.

Starting from 7.0, the deadly game of DOTA2 has experienced a new talent tree, new monster drop equipment, the upper limit of the level increased to 30, the unique magic crystal effect, Roshan drops A wand and magic crystal, added to the hot pot (Holy Altar) and other significant changes have been deleted. Now the game can be said to be more and more enjoyable.

But, on the other hand, the total number of players in the game is still declining. From one million online in 2019 to now, there are only 600,000 online every day, a drop of nearly half.

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