Fortnite 5 Secret Changes hidden on the Season 7 maps

In Fortnite: Battle Royale, Season 7 has begun. In addition to the new theme and battle pass, some personal changes can now be found on the map. We introduce you to secret things so that you can also discover them. What’s happening in Fortnite now? Season 7-Chapter 2 begins on June 8, 2021. As you have already seen in the trailer, the aliens have arrived in Fortnite and may be planning an invasion. The meeting also caused changes to the map. New Fortnite weapons and even spacecraft can now fly over the map. But are there any changes that you did not notice immediately?

Secret changes in Season 7

We will show you some of the things you can find on the season 7 map now. You may not have noticed some of them, but it is good to know if you need them in battle or if you want to gather more information about the story.

Tips for bus drivers

what’s new? After starting a petition to thank the drivers in the game, players like the bus drivers in Fortnite are no longer a secret. In each round, you can thank the hero before continuing on your journey. But it did not stop in Season 7.

At certain NPCs on the map, you can now donate tips for bus drivers. You can tip 500 gold bars to the bus driver or donate 4,000 gold bars generously. This will not bring you any benefit, but you can give the bus driver a tip if you want to express your gratitude more clearly.

Live camels on the map

what’s new? Most of you know the loot llamas-small animals scattered around the map. They are rare and difficult to find, but lucky people will get many materials, ammunition, and valuable items.

After a long break, the llama is back in the race, but this time it is very different from what they know. Because the loot camel is still alive now and can even run away from you, so they are hard to get now, but now they appear more frequently in the game before there were only three llamas per round. Now you can find five llamas at most.

Purple place names

what’s new? If you look at the map during the season 7 round, you will see that some of the named locations are not white but appear purple. This change is not only decorative. It also has a purpose.

If you land on a place marked in purple, you will find a spaceship there. The text should tell you that you will find the location of the UFO on the map.

Bunker-Jones Conspiracy Committee

what’s new? This change is quite subtle because it is located on the edge of the map of NPC Bunker-Jonesy. If you go to his house now, you will find a conspiracy board there. The character seems to collect some information there.

The board even expanded, and gradually more pictures and drawings appeared. So if you want to know what he is researching, you should go to Bunker Jones several times.

IO’s secret underground base

what’s new? A genuinely hidden headquarters from the IO organization-it is located under the Corny Complex. You can enter through the private entrance of the farmhouse above the ground. There are various screens in this bunker with information on how aliens, weapons, and even Rick went from Rick and Morty to Fortnite Island.

If you want to explore the secrets, not only is it worth visiting this base, but you can also get a new mythical pulse rifle there.

In the new season 7, there are many things to discover. Some changes may be irrelevant to your battle but still enjoyable. There seem to be some clues about the story hidden on the Fortnite map. Therefore, there is still a lot to do before the aliens start to invade.

What do you think of these secret changes? Have you discovered them already, or have you even found more? Let us know your findings in the comments!

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