This week there is a lot of new information about Lost Ark and strange news on WoW

During the week of June 21-27, 2021, a flood of new information about MMO Lost Ark long-awaited action emerged. In addition, you can now unlock real-money items through a lot of training in ESO, and something has happened in World of Warcraft.

Highlights of the week:

There are currently five Good MMORPGs in the Steam Summer Sale. Be sure to check it out here, including Black Desert Online and ESO.

A new space MMORPG called Starborne:

Frontier has been announced by the CCP. These are the famous manufacturers of EVE Online.

Ironically, Aion’s classic servers lined up to the west from the start, with more than 30,000 players playing in it.

This weeks excitement:

The recently released MMORPG Elyon died again in his native South Korea. The local version should continue to run, but many readers have seen the final doom.

This weeks discussion:

The announcement that the upcoming new world of MMORPG is entering a challenging field has caused heated debate. The most important thing is whether the game can be long-term incentives and provide enough endgame content.

Lost Ark introduces a new curriculum and talks about gender lock

This is what happened to the large MMORPG this week:

There are all kinds of strange news on WoW. Including a weapon that will eat your other weapons and comment bitterly. In addition, you may have to rebuild your best items in Patch 9.1, and the impressive video should make even demanding gamers cry. We also have complete information about the 9.1 updates and recommend that you mount the disgusting spider as much as possible. Don’t miss our news about nine ancient recipes that finally return after ten years, and get ready to get the best loot in the most challenging dungeon.

This week we created a guide for Black Desert Online to show you: How do I get a horse? You can also view the roadmap for the second half of 2021 here.

In ESO, it is now finally possible to grind high-quality items out of the crown box without real money. In addition, there is now a mid-year massacre, which is worthwhile for PvP players. We have created a good guide for Magicka DD construction.

Guild Wars 2 The dragon’s rumble starts again.

Final Fantasy 14 made some small and subtle changes in the 5.57 patch.

This is what happens with the smaller MMORPG:

Two new servers for Lord of the Rings are online.

In The Secret World Legends, players will host their radio shows.

In ArcheAge Unchained, you can get a plush cow pet.

Dungeons & Dragons Online is getting new content and endgame changes

Phantasy Star Online 2 brings bug fixes

This is what happened during the development of MMORPG:

After years of not hearing or seeing news about the game, there was finally news about The Lost Ark. Action MMORPG has a release date in Europe. We also asked about the community’s career preferences and new information about the beta. There should even be a new class and fewer gender locks. We also checked the number of Diablo in The Lost Ark.

New World has a new update before the July beta, which changes the PvP and upgrade process.

Asia MMORPG Swords of Legends Online now has a release date, and all more information can be found here.

The new Digimon MMORPG finally showed the gameplay and combat system.

Crowfall shows the situation before the July 6th release.

This is the news from the MMORPG world this week at a glance. What are your highlights? Or what exciting things have you experienced this week? Have we forgotten something important? Could you write to us in the comments?

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