Snap up the top MMORPG Black Desert at the PS store for up to 60% off

New offers for the week of June 30, 2020, are waiting for you in the PlayStation Store. Therefore, you can currently get up to 60% discounts on various access packs of the MMORPG famous Black Desert. In this case, the cash store currency Pearl is currently 20% cheaper. Black Desert is a Buy2Play sandbox MMORPG with impressive graphics, heavy action combat system, and a huge open game world. The game provides you with a lot of freedom, but the tasks and stories are only secondary. As a result, people are paying more and more attention to the sandbox aspect. In short: you have the opportunity to play the game the way you want. Among other things, you can:
Unlimited upgrades, embrace equipment.
Explore the enormous game world
11 Improve life skills, such as fishing, hunting, and gathering
Build your worker network and create a production chain to make gold
Build ships and travel the world with them
Join PvP and conquer the outpost with the guild
Epic battles of territory, trade, crafts, pets, and housing are also important. Many types and an extensive range of character editors are also one of the highlights of MMORPG.

You should check Black Desert if you meet the following criteria: You usually like sandbox MMORPGs, a lot of freedom and openness in the game, and a vast world is essential to you. You select the mixture of PvP and PvE, and you want to play a visually Impressive game.
If you don’t want to be bound by the story and want to go your way, the Black Desert may be your choice because you determine your course of progress. In addition, due to a lot of freedom, new players will have no problems in any year after the release (except possibly in PvP).

PS Store’s new offers this week are here: If you’re using PS4 or PS5 and you’re heartbeat about MMORPG, or if you’re an MMO fan looking for new games, you might be worth a try at the PS Store now. Since the giant sandbox, MMORPG Black Desert, has been appropriately reduced, you can start the game at the cheapest 60%. And pearl coins are currently more affordable in this way.

New Deals of the Week from June 30th-PS4 Black Desert
What are the new offers this week? As part of the new weekly deal, MMORPG Black Desert currently has three different access package discounts.

Black Desert: Traveler Edition includes the whole game and Traveler Edition item packs, including:

Advantage Package (30 days)
Pearl bag (1000 pearls)
Polar bear (companion).

Black Desert: The Discovery Edition includes the complete game and the Discovery Edition item packs, including:

Advantage Package (60 days)
Pearl bag (2000 pearls)
Polar bear (companion),
Mount Certificate: White Mare (Level 7)
Event essential equipment and 20% discount coupon (Pearl Shop)

Black Desert: The Conqueror Edition includes the whole game and the Conqueror Edition item pack, which includes:

Advantage Package (90 days)
Pearl bag (3000 pearls)
Inventory expansion (+16)
Old Moon Cheats (15 days)
Mount Certificate: White Mare (Level 7)
Activity Premium Suit Box
Ice bear
The magical Holt Report
Flute Mountain (permanent)
Market maid Irene and 20% discount coupon (for pearl shop)

In addition, all available pearl packaging has been reduced-the dimensions are as follows:
1000 pearls
2000 pearls
3000 pearls
6000 pearls
And 10,000 pearls
What are the price of the Black Desert and Pearl package as a discount this week? For the Black Desert package, the offer is as follows-with a link to the request in the PS Store:

In the Black Desert: Traveler Edition, the smallest package, €13.49 instead of the regular €29.99, saving you 55% here.
For the Black Desert: Discovery Edition, which is a medium-sized package, you are currently paying 22.49 USD instead of the regular 49.99 USD, so you can also save 55%
For Black Desert: Conqueror Edition, the most extensive package is 39.99 USD instead of the regular 99.99 USD. Save 60% here.

This is a discount for Pearl Currency-you can save 20% on each offer:
1,000 pearls only cost 7.99 USD instead of 9.99 USD
2,000 pearls only cost 15.19 USD instead of 18.99 USD
3,000 pearls only cost 22.79 USD instead of 28.49 USD
6,000 pearls only cost 43.99 USD instead of 54.99 USD
10,000 pearls only cost 71.99 USD instead of 89.99 USD
Note: Using the backward compatibility function of PS5, you can easily play Black Desert on Sony’s latest-generation game consoles. By the way, the calculated savings refer to the regular price of the PlayStation Store.

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