The best Genshin Impact Kazuha build option for you

Kazuha is a new playable character in Genshin Impact. We will tell you how to play the new Anemo character properly.

Who is Kazuha?

Kazuha is a lonely samurai and wanderer, originated from lightning. He has experienced countless battles and has experienced a lot in his life.

Nevertheless, he is very introverted and friendly. After the battle, he likes to sleep on warm rocks in the noon sun and recite poetry. He also likes to wander in the country, and his calm attitude makes it look much harmless than he is. During the journey, he met Beidou, the leader of the Crooks fleet, and is now on the road with her. Few people knew that he was wanted in his home country for unknown reasons. Little is known about its history, except that it once belonged to the Kaedehara clan before losing importance. In battle, Kazuha uses a one-handed sword, and his element is anemia.

What can Kazuha do?

Kazuha can perform up to five sword attacks with his standard attack, and the attack speed is breakneck. His heavy blow consumes energy and makes two fast-forward attacks.

His elemental attack is called Chihayaburu and pulls enemies towards you, then throws them away. Faithful to its elements, Anemo attacks will cause damage. Chihayaburu can be used in the air and charged to increase range and damage.

If you use Qianzaolong in the air, you can start the attack directly from the jump, and then the possible elemental damage will be converted into storm damage. In addition, then pull the opponent back to you.

Its ultimate skill is Kazuha Strike. It triggers a strike, creating an anemo field nearby, causing damage to your opponent over time. Once Kazuha or the area comes into contact with it, the wind farm with this ability will carry another element, causing additional damage.

You should pay attention to the different priorities of elements. For example, fire takes precedence over other elements, and fields cannot accept geographic elements.

Which talents are worth starting?

With Kazuha’s talent, you should focus on his ultimate attack and his essential skill Chihayaburu. If you want to play Kazuha ultimately on DPS, it is worthwhile to upgrade his regular attack.

Your top priority should still be on basic skills. In addition, Kazuha is one of the few characters worth upgrading from level 80 to level 90 because it increases his Anemo damage by 34%, and you want to take it with you.

What are the advantages of constellations?

In this list, our summarizes the benefits of different constellations for you:

1. Constellation: When performing Kazuha strikes, your Chizauryu ability will be charged. So you can make a very effective EQE combination

2. Constellation: The area where your Kazuha hits will give Kazuha and another player character 200 basic knowledge during the effect.

4. Constellation: If you use Qianzaolong, you will get extra elemental energy. Therefore, it helps to charge your ultimate abilities faster and produces a compelling EQEQ combination

The sixth constellation: With the sixth constellation Mimiji Hunt, Kazuha can also be played as the main DPS. When using E and Q, you will get 5 seconds of wind energy. Then your regular attacks cause 0.2% extra damage per point of elemental knowledge. If you are equipped with the best equipment, you can get more than 180% damage from the constellation.

What weapon should I equip?

Kazuha may not be your new main DPS character, but he is the perfect complement to your team and one of the best support and secondary DPS characters you can find in the game right now.

Whether you want to play support or vice DPS Kazuha, the five-star version of the new legendary sword Pale Freedom Oath is the best choice. It increases your damage by 10% and provides a buff for your team when you trigger elemental reactions.

Alternatively, you can also use the four-star sword Hutong Light. It increases your elemental damage and usually increases your damage by 12%. But be careful. If you are hit, the damage bonus will be invalidated for 5 seconds.

The four-star sword sacrifice sword is also a good choice. Here, you focus on your basic skills. The sacrificial sword gives you a 40% chance that elemental skills have no cooling time. However, starting with Constellation 4, this choice becomes less critical.

If you want to pay more attention to damage, a five-star version of the Moss Green Rock Sword is a good choice. It increases your critical strike rate and brings you considerable ATK rewards. If you encounter difficulties obtaining it, you can also use the four-star sword Black Sword. This also increases the chance of a critical strike today and increases your damage. You can get it in the battle pass.

What is the best free game alternative?

For free players, the four-star sword iron needle is the most suitable. Its main attribute is also elemental damage. It will give you a good buff effect. Every time the player causes elemental damage, all damage will increase by 6%.

Another possibility is the Samsung Twilight Sword. It increases your critical strike damage and ensures a good start because your required strike rate against opponents with more than 90% health increases.

In general, it can be said that you should make sure that your main attribute belongs to elemental knowledge, and your sub-attributes belong to critical strike damage and critical strike rate.

All the values ​​mentioned in the article refer to weapons of refinement level 1.

These artifacts make Kazuha strong.

Which artifact set is the best?

Kazuha’s best set is the Greenish Shadows artifact set because it brings the following rewards:

Part 2 reward: 15% increase in wind power damage

Four bonuses: the deterioration of the vortex is increased by 60%, and the element resistance to the vortex element is reduced by 40% for 10 seconds

If you are having trouble finding the correct value and still have very little basic knowledge, then the best option is to mix the shades of green and the Wandering Orchestra setting. Then, it would be best if you used the 2-part bonus of the two groups.

Two additional green shades: 15% increase in storm damage

Part 2 reward travel orchestra: basic knowledge increased by 80 points

You can compensate for missing element points without losing too much damage. If you want to play your Kazuha in a more assistive way, it is recommended that you use the Old Court Ritual set because you can use it to strengthen your other characters. However, you should only play this group as a complete set. It has the following advantages:

2 Partial bonus: Increase the damage caused by special abilities by 20%

Four bonus: After using a unique ability, the attack power of all troops increases by 20% for 12 seconds

However, if you want to use your Kazuha as a complete damage dealer, you should combine the green shade set with the Gladiator’s Bow set. With it, you can optimize physical attack damage.

Two partial green shades: 15% increased anemo damage

Two pieces of Gladiator’s Bow: Attack power increased by 18%

All in all, it should be said that you should dedicate your support to Kazuha to fundamental learning because this is your most important value.

If you want to specialize in Kazuha’s sub-damage, you should have at least one elemental knowledge, and you also need wind speed damage, critical strike damage, and the required strike rate. When processing mainstays first, please follow the following order:

Elemental knowledge crit rate crit damage recharge rate attack.

How to play Kazuha?

Which characters can you play with Kazuha? Due to his strong supportability and high basic knowledge, Kazuha can play with many characters. He will be able to support most of your major DDs and can provide helpful support for almost any group.

Single element Pyro (+additional effect attack buff+25%):

Bennett is one of the most powerful characters in the game because he can strengthen attacks and heal

Xiangling because she is free to play, and because of her big moves, she is very suitable for the team. She optimized Kazuha’s ultimate attack with her many fire attacks

Klee, because it will cause a lot of damage, and you can use Kazuha’s E to pull enemies back into their bombs.

These two flame characters provide you with real fire buffs.

Water/ice construction:

Mona/Xingqui/Barbara has strong water properties on board

Chongyun/Diona cooperate with the water character to cause a freezing effect on the opponent

Bennett, because he can trigger smelting combos very well in this team, causing enormous extra damage

Or, you can take two frozen characters and one water character with you to keep the frozen effect permanently upright.

What do you think of this matter? Have you received and tried Kazuha? What combination and armor do you think is best for him? Could you give us your feedback in the comments?

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