Destiny Child 11 consecutive times

The shiftup has added a new narrative dungeon “daydream” on its mobile game Destini Child on the 12th.

This narrative dungeon, which has been running for two weeks from 12th to 26th, contained the story of Philotes who wanted to keep the Chaileth Torang and the Turan who loved human beings.

Dungeon Fighter Online: Labyrinth of Shadows (Heaven Party)

Each area can receive 11 consecutive children’s teeth, Onyx, and event items, according to the number of stars obtained, and the Event Item ‘Story Territory’ gathering the Event Item ‘Story “in the Narrative Collection 5 St. Philotes, New Equipment, Ignition Core Material Lucky Boxes and the like can be obtained.

In addition, a new contractor skin is updated on Rivers Labyrinth. Rivers Labyrinth is a dungeon capable of acquiring a skins that can change the child’s appearance to a reverse coin. In addition, Gumi Ho is only a “Summer’s Gumi Skin”.

For more information, see the Destini Child Official Community.

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