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As of 13 August at 18h, Destination Jahash for the Event of the summer on Dofus! The monocount server is transformed into a vacation destination for beginner adventurers or thirsty new challenges. To accompany you, many gifts are at the rendezvous, just like some streamers who will share this adventure.

Objective, resume zero and bring new players

_ “Imagine a super community challenge: resume the dofus adventure at zero with players and Streamers! ” _

It is on this sentence that the Dofus article begins on the event. The goal is clear: to offer players the second monocount Jahash server, less populated than his big brother Ilyzaelle.

The French streamers present will be: Humility, Kapotacque, Scapineal, Kosuke, Mrmkt and Timtoobias. Throughout the event, many goals will be fulfilled. They will allow players and different communities to win gifts.

For international players, you will find the Spanish Streamers Cejotas, Kuyvros and Savier Foster. The names of Anglophone streamers are not yet available.

List of events and rewards

Destination Jahash brings together 3 main tests.

Attitudes hunt:
From 14/08 to 00:01 until 15/08 at 23:59

Unlock as much as possible community emoticons. Bonus ranging from a 10 to 50% bonus experience on all server on the weekend of 21 and 22 August.

* The Coope-Crafton *:
From 18/08 to 00:01 until 19/08 at 23:59

Realize as many cooperative crafts (realize equipment asking for a craftsman). Bonus from 10 to 50% XP Business on 25 and 26 August.

** Dungeons at 8 ****:
From 28/08 to 00:01 until 29/08 at 23h59

Face as much as possible from 8-player dungeons. Bonus up to 3 days of unlimited “key keychain” (also works in dimension). The bonus will be activated on 04/09 (1 day), will be added on 05/09 (2 days) and finally 06/09 (3 days).

Streamers will be able, in addition to the tests, unlock gifts for their communities.

Join a guild for the occasion?

In addition to announcing the event, DOFUS teams use the Guilds of Jahash. To allow you to welcome the new players, their names will be announced at the beginning of the event.

_ “The animation should end Sunday, August 29 to midnight , but the players who wish will be able to continue their adventures on the server with their new friends or new guild! »_


A special pack available in shop

Announced at the same time as the event, the “Jahash Pack” will be available in store. The items represent the character of the Ankama world and give you access to a new cap, cape and shield. Count 2 15-day subscription tokens, ideal for starting or resuming the game. The panoplie will be available for all servers.

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