War gaming World of Tank 11th Anniversary Event Room

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] Wogiming (Representative Victor Keysley) shall carry out summer events for 11 days until the “World of Tank” will commemorate the 11th anniversary of the launch.

The Soviet 4-stage premium medium-sized tram (T-34 MOD. 1941) is paid during the first connection during the event period. This tram has a permanent gastrointestinal effect and a proficiency of 100% crew and a garage slot.

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Also, when connected to the game during the event period, the World of Tank Premium Account is provided once a day and a special currency, a special currency, which can be replaced with items in the game in the game. Premium accounts up to seven days, the gift ticket can be obtained.

In addition to 1.14 updates, the four-stage czech medium tank (SKODA T 25) is the first to select two copies. The new summer map of Akira Yamaka’s soundtrack is also introduced in the “shelter”, and you can add the depreciation of the depreciation of the depreciation of the depreciation. New training mode ‘geographical’, which can improve play capabilities, is also added.

Max Chu Buller War Gaming World of Tank Publishing Director said, “I prepared a gift of audit for the 11th anniversary of the World of Tank,” and “All players enjoy a special summer gift as well as new updates and colorful new content I wanted to give you “.

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