Genshin Impact 2 0 Guide for lost riches – day 7 treasure areas 13 and 1

The last day of Genshin-impact ‘s new Lost Riches-Event is here and brings his last treasure areas.

Against this background, we now carry out you through the latest phase of the event to ensure that you are easily preserved all coins and are equipped for all challenges.

Before we begin, you can also see our instructions for treasures 1,2,3 and 4, which also display the place of the first special treasure of the event, treasures 5 and 6, treasures 7 and 8, also with the location of the second specialized treasure, treasures 9 and 10, as well as treasure areas 11 and 12.

treasure area 13: location and tips

The thirteenth treasure area of ​​the game is located west of the Kujou camp. Unfortunately, there is no waypoint at the exact position, so just go to the aforementioned waypoint and go towards the section marked in the map below:

Once you are there, be ready because you have to face the enemies in the area to dig up all treasures.

The coins at the site can be found in the following locations: at the enemy camp on the edge of the area, on the shore behind the camp, in front of the Waverider Summon and west of the device in the shore.

treasure area 14: location and tips

The fourteenth and last treasure area is located on the island of Narukami. To get there, you just have to jump to the waypoint in the Kinju forest and go towards the position shown on the map below:

All coins can be found in the vicinity of the shrine, so just follow the way to the shrine from the beginning and pay attention to the seelie.

After collecting all coins, you have enough to claim one of the seelies in the shop Lost Riches.

Genshin-impact is currently available for PC, via the official launcher of Mihoyo and the Epic Games Store, on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and on mobile devices – Android and iOS -. You can do your progress thanks to its. Representing cross-save between all platforms.

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