Gestures – Tap She is a challenging reaction-based game that is now available for iOS and Android – Vaclav Krivanek

Gestures – Tap Them Down is an arcade title of the solo developer Vaclav Krivanek, also known as Event Horizons. This visually striking game is now available for both iOS and Android as a free title.

Despite the use of the word TAP in the title, gestures are not an idle game. Instead, it should be a test for their manual skill and their timing, where they have to defeat a variety of enemies. So I mean little circles that ask different questions to you.

The difficulty is to learn how to defeat these different enemies and then do it in time. Some just tap quickly to defeat while others may require multiple tap. In addition, some require the use of two fingers or require that they hold them for a specified time.

This does not sound too difficult until you find that these symbols on the screen light up extraordinarily fast. In addition, there are different variants of circular enemies that immediately cost you life if you accidentally tap it. It’s like a tap-centered heavy metal version of BOP IT.

To help you also have a number of advantages that you can unlock to master the more difficult levels of the game. There are also 31 different successes that can be activated during the gestures. So there is a lot to do if you tap hectically on it.

In addition to a hardcore mode, there are 100 levels for masochistic people who tend to be even more difficult. If you are a fan of endless modes, there is also an infinity level in which you can fight for supremacy in the ranking.

Gestures – Tap You are now available for both AppStore and Google Play. It is a free game with in-app purchases.

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