Pokemon Masters Producing Details November and December Changes – Sasaki

The Pokemon Masters producer Yu Sasaki has published its third message to the players, in which he reports in detail about their continued efforts to improve the game. The latest explanation focuses on the plans you have until November and December.

As mentioned in the original roadmap, its main focus is on how much players are rewarded for different events. The Caitlin and Reuniclus event that is currently available was the beginning of it. Here, the number of gems, which you can earn overall, increased by 900. These are three more sync pair scout pulls just to complete a pretty simple event.

This increased potential for collecting gemstones has been extended to ICE type training on November 14, where you earn more 600 gems to complete all related missions. As we have already mentioned, you can also get 4200 if you sign up every day this month.

In mid-November, there will also be a new rally event in which their progress will be announced as soon as they reach certain milestones. However, more importantly, there is an additional registration bonus for more gems and items as well as gemstones for achieving these milestones.

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When December rolls around the level cap limit for all synchronization pairs, the new limit of 120 is unlocked. To consider this, a new difficulty class is added to the course so that you receive the required items to achieve this limit. The rewards for the Very Hard and Super Hard course are also slightly changed.

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At the beginning of December there will also be a new event in which a coach with a legendary Pokémon is used. They are listed by participating in the event. I hope to be Tobias and Darkrai personally, although he has emerged my knowledge only in anime, so it seems unlikely.

Additional December updates contain additional daily vouchers that can be exchanged to strengthen synchronization pairs, weekly bingo missions and a function to display synchronization pairs. I am sure that we will get more details about what’s closer.

Finally, we also learned that the degree of difficulty of ex-challenges is adjusted so that they are not forced to use certain synchronization pairs. In terms of single-player content, they also plan to add a new mode called Battle Villa in February, who apparently offer another camphor experience.

Pokemon Masters is now available on the available AppStore and <a href = “https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dena.a12026418

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