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The Scarlet Spear operation will allow you to combat the waves of sensitive enemies that have started attacking the original system from proxima. This is the first event to use OPERATION LINK and will involve different squads working in tandem to hunt huge vessels feel.

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How to start operation Scarlet Spear

To launch the Scarlet Spear warframe operation, you will need to go to the scarlet launcher fleet. You can find it in orbit around the earth in your browser, near the Strata Relais.

Charge and you will arrive at the main operating room. You can find Little Duck on the right side. Speak with her and she will make you the presentation of the operation. When she finished talking, you can buy a Oplink of her for 1000 credits.

assault on the ground

Ground Assault is a new mission that is part of the Scarlet Spear event in warframe. The mission is to face enemies feel and grine when you try to get destruction codes for the squads playing Murex Raids, the other half of the new event.

How to start the assault on the ground

Once the oplink is in your gear wheel, you can start an assault mission on the ground by leading you to the console on the right side of the room.

What to do in soil

In Ground Assault, you have to kill the Condrix, a new sensitive enemy. A marker will indicate where the next Condrix will fall, then follow the waypoint to get there once you are on mission.

When the Condrix falls on the ground, damaging it by pulling on the bright orb in the center of the almost flowery structure. After about one third of health, it will become invulnerable and another wave of sensitive enemies will appear.

The fight follows this scheme until the condrix is ​​dead. When the last phase of damage is complete, eliminate remaining sensitive enemies, then open your toothed wheel and place your oplink.

From time to time, an awkward enemy called the Aerolyst may appear. They are invulnerable until you broke all the little cans that are around its size, and only then you can damage it. Bring a catchmoon to trivialize this particular enemy because it will break the whole cartridge at once.

You will need to protect it from Grinner, which will attack your position during this part. The oplink will scan the condrix and send destruction codes to a player who is in the middle of a Murex raid. Once the analysis is complete, a new waypoint will appear, which will take you to the next Condrix.

You do not need to recover your oplink and it is not used by the analysis; You can place it again from the toothed wheel when you fight the next condrix.

After that, rinse and repeat as many times as possible, then extract when the fights become a little too ferocious for your team.

The available players who run the Murex raid automatically receive kill codes, and you have nothing to do with special after sending them.

You will need to remove at least four Condrix before the mission extraction option opens.

Weaknesses Condrix

The Condrix is ​​composed of ferrite armor and flesh. Ferrite armor is low for corrosion and perforation damage, while flesh is low for virus, toxin and notch damage. As long as you bring a weapon that inflicts one of these types of damage, you must be effective against it.

You must also bring a range of damage to your other weapons, as the path will develop immunity against the type of damage you hit them.

Remember, you can stay in the mission as long as Condrix continues to reproduce, but everyone will evolve to be a little more difficult than the previous one.

Best Weapons and Warframes to Use for Soil Assault

Any powerful weapon will hit the condrix. The sniper rifles, well modified bows and the premium redeemer are all allies to absolutely crush his health bar. For Warframes, Volt is excellent, offering a lot of damage and protection with its shield. Mesa is excellent to quickly eliminate waves of small paths, allowing you to cross the event much faster and cultivate much more.

Follet and Hildryn fire are both excellent support frames, offer increased protection that is necessary against the traffic, and Limbo (even with the nerves of the event) and Vauban are fantastic for the control of crowds.


The Murex Raid is a new mission that constitutes the second part of Scarlet Spear. This involves using your railjack to attack vessels feel, board and download destruction codes to interfere with the vessel’s progress in the system.

How to play the Murex Raid

The Murex raid is quite simple, but there are some ways to make it a simple mission to accomplish.

During your first load, you will need to control the railjack to the waypoint to configure the Kill Code transponder, and when it is in place, you can fly your ship directly at the front of the ship feel, through the Large hole with the pulsed energy that comes from it. This will protect the railjack of enemy ships. A member of the squad must remain on the vessel to deal with the borders and make the necessary repairs.

The other three should go to the ship feel through the door that will now be directly in front of your railjack.

Once aboard the ship feel, follow the waypoint and configure your oplinks using your toothed wheel. You will need to defend them against waves of sensitive enemies while trying to destroy oplinks.

The oplinks will download nine destruction codes, which will be sent by other players performing the assault mission on the ground. This happens automatically, once your oplinks configured.

Once all destruction codes have been sent, you will be automatically returned to the railjack, and it is simply a matter of repeating the process for as many murex ships as possible.

Always have a crew member on the railjack to deal with the enemies because the griner troops and feel trying to board the ship. After that, it’s just about defending opminks, which will be very easy with warframes like Limbo, Gara and Frost.

Once you have sent five of the packed Murex ships, it will end and you will return to the relay of the scarlet launcher, but you can always load again as long as there are more Murex to treat.

Best Weapons and Warframe for the Murex Raid

A frost with good reach is actually extremely good for the Murex raid. The oplinks tend to get closer when deployed in this mission, and he can keep them safe with his snowglobe. Limbo, despite the nerves, is also a good choice.

Mesa shines a lot here as she does in Ground Assault, easily mowing the enemies. Honestly, any warframe that you will do well, so if you are afraid of dying a lot, bring something full of tank. For weapons, make sure to bring a wide variety of damage types, as sensitive enemies can adapt to the type of damage you deal.


Each condrix in Ground Assault and all three kill downloaded codes in Murex Raid count for a rotation. Both missions follow an AABC model for their rotations.

Ground Assault can reward players with endo, while Murex Raid can reward them with Dirac. The Ground Assault squad can also earn lith and meso relics, while the Murex Raid team can earn lith, Meso and Neo relics.

Awards for the soil assault rotation

RAID MUREX Rotation Rewards

scarlet credits

Each mission also rewards players with scarlet credits. You have received a number of scarlet credits equal to your score in the mission, which will be displayed at the top left of the screen. Scarlet credits can be exchanged against Little Duck in the relay against objects specific to events, arcanes and new weapons.

Once the 100 Murex ships hunted, there will also be a payment of victory. This is automatically delivered to your Little Duck inbox. The payment will be equal to your highest total score between Ground Assault and Murex Raid multiplied by two and capped at 10000 scarlet credits.

So, if you earn 1000 points on the ground and 1500 points in Raid Murex, it will be the value of 1500 points multiplied by two. You can receive more than one payment if you help more than one flotilla during the wave.

They can be exchanged against Little Duck against the following objects:

  • Ceti Lacera
  • Stance Forma Blueprints
  • Clan Sigils
  • Orbiter decorations

  • A new simulacrum room
  • Various arcanes

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