Lukaku meets the debut Chelsea also beats Arsenal

Who knows how the game had assumed when holding had met in this scene. If the central defender of the FC Arsenal is not considered from five meters over the gate of the FC Chelsea, but shortened to 1: 2. Maybe the Gunners would have come up again and had brought the blues to waver.

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But Chelsea remained at the front with two goals and ultimately brought the lead to the finish. Second Premier League game, Second victory, for the second time without conceding: The start of the season of the Champions League winner can be seen.

James finds Lukaku – 0: 1

On Sunday evening, it only lasted a quarter of an hour until Chelsea went in the Emirates Stadium. James hit a flat edge from the right side into the middle, where Lukaku was on the spot and squeezed the ball over the line – 0: 1 (15th).

So the Belgian first displaced Werner on the bench and then struck at his first Chelsea game after eight years right away – although Arsenal had come well into the game. After the goal, the team of coach Thomas Tuchel controlled that. The Gunners could be pushed back – and collected the next setback: James was released on the right side, this time he closed himself and hit the long corner (35th). The blues were extremely effective, but were lucky before the break, that the impartial after a duel between James and Saka did not point to the point (41.).

Leno prevents the 0: 3 twice

Chelsea also controlled after the side change, then, however, could appreciate that Holding did not hit (60th). Otherwise, Tuchels eleven nothing. On the contrary, in the final phase, she could have been able to increase, but Leno first steered a Lukaku header with an outstanding parade to the latte (77th), then he decided a one-counter-one-duel with Hvertz for himself (87. ). So it stayed at the 2-0 for Chelsea, which next Saturday (18.30 clock, live! At Premier League) the hit game at FC Liverpool in front of the chest.

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