Fate 2 The 4th Rider receives new trailer Exotic Quest starts today

The quad barrel shotgun returns to Season of the Worthy.

Do you want to mispray all kinds of evil, but it can not expect doom Eternal release? Try to sign up schicksal 2 – As part of Season of the Worthy, Bungie brings back the 4th Horseman Exotic Shotgun. The search for the weapon starts today – look at the trailer below to see how it works.

Similar to it is schicksal 1 Iteration, The 4th Horseman is fully automatic and fires all his shots quickly. Every subsequent shot causes more damage and has more spread so that you are asked to approach opponents and destroy them. However, the range is a problem. So do not expect to meet opponents from a distance like the Chaperone with a blow.

Schicksal 2 Season of the Worthy is currently live and will be available until June 9th. A new seasonal activity has been added, the Seraph Tower, along with new Seraph bunkers, which serve as legendary lost sectors. Other Seraph bunkers will open up ordeals on the moon and IO in the coming weeks together with Grandmaster Nightfall.

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