A new preseason event brings rewards for FIFA 21 and FIFA 22

FIFA 21 In the event season will begin soon, which will give players their first rewards FUT FIFA 22 promises. This is what you can expect from the new promotion.

What is the preseason event? EA launched a promotion preseason FIFA 20 last year, in which players could secure their first packages and other rewards for FIFA 21, it not yet released at the time . However, there were too many rewards for FIFA 21 last year.

Among other things, players can win the following items:

  • Packs
  • Objects consumables

* Players on loan
* Cosmetic products

You can also get Coin Boosts shirts and styles of chemistry through goals and SBC (Squad Building Challenges).

We are excited to see how the event this year and if FUT players can earn even more rewards and letters to FIFA 22. As soon as the event starts, find out what content is available in event season.

When the event starts? EA announced the start of the event with the loading screen in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Futties begins when the event ends: Friday 27 August at 19:00 h.

You can find everything about the launch of FIFA 22 here.

There are signs of stronger cards.

This content could come : In addition to the rewards for FIFA 22, is likely to return preseason event into play stronger cards FIFA 21. At the least it was last year. At that time, they were added to the packages TOTY and strong TOTS cards and other extremely powerful cards.

In addition, the new cards were higher transfers, with newly transferred players received letters particularly strong. Then Messi could again be equipped with a special card.

What do you think of the event preseason? Are you going to play to win rewards for FIFA 22 before? This is what will change in FIFA 22:

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