Super Mecha Champions introduces the new series R E D and Riko

The Super Mecha Champions of Netease inspired by Anime are considerably grown with every new update. If you missed it at the start, this is a Mech fighter, which stands out strongly from the Battle Royale genre.

They will pick up it with online opponents in their tailor-made mech, hoping to win the victory and earn ordinary rewards. The latest update of the game contains a brand new character called R.E.D as well as the Riko-Chan-Emoji series.

R.e.d is described as a rebellious teenager with a friendly heart. She is said to have suffered a fairly difficult start to life, though her negative experiences have brought her to combat the oppression and help the needy whenever she can. She is easy to find and grabs a quite blow.

Mecha pilots love to chat with Emojis. Therefore, Netease has decided to improve the social functionality of the game by adding a new Emoji series that is available to all players in the SMC Arena. The spammers of Emojis can also be considered as a strategic step that harass their opponents and breaks their concentration.

Super Mecha Champions has proven to be unbelievably popular with fans of the Genre and even received the price of the most innovative game of Google in Thailand and Indonesia last year. You may already know that the third season has been extended after the success of Frozen Raid and the arrival of Snow Fashion and its articles on the subject of Winter until the beginning of March.

Further information can be found on the official website of the game. And if you have not done this, you can download Super Mecha Champions as a free title from both AppStore and Google Play. It is a nice mix of action-packed Mech fight and rapid battle royal chaos.

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