How to change the timing of shots in NBA 2K21

Thanks to the introduction of new shooting mechanisms, it will take time to improve regularly. However, you can simplify a little shot by adjusting the shots synchronization settings. Why would it help? Well, change the synchronization setting can adjust the way you need to shoot, as well as determine how you want user synchronization to affect the shots in 2K21. So, how to change the shot synchronization settings? Let’s see what you need to do.

To change the shooting synchronization settings, click the Features tab on the Home screen and select Controller Settings. From there, you will see a number of options regarding the plans you can edit. To change the shot synchronization settings, scroll down with the left joystick up to access the corresponding option, and then choose the parameter you want to use.

You can set the timing of the shots from one of the following three options: plans and plans, plans only or% of the real player. The choice of plans and layups means that plans and layups will be affected by the timing you have defined. If you define this on plans only, the layups will not be affected by your advance or your delay. Finally, the Real Player% option will not take into account all the shooting times. On the contrary, the blows you take with a player will be missed or effectively timed depending on the quality of the player’s shot.

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