Jokuro also a dedicated shader Animation representation characterization of BLUE PROTOCOL

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From August 24 to 26, 2012, the largest game conferences CEDEC2021 in Japan was held online. In this paper, as an example of the character creation of Blue Protocol , the session BLUE PROTOCOL character creation-Anyone is easy to create anime expression character creation-Anyone! Help different world reincarnations- We will deliver the report of .

# Findings of character reliants from the viewpoint of artist

In the first half of the lecture, Mr. Matsuo Jie, who is responsible for the characterization of Blue Protocol and the mechanism of facials of the Facial, is the artist of the Bundainum Costadio 3rd Studio.

Blue Protocol is an online action RPG for PCs that Bandainum Costagio and Bandainum Costaland jointly develop. As of August 2021, the development was continued, and a closed beta test was held in 2020.

The characteristic characterization first selects sexual sex and then selects your favorite face type from the three. Then select your favorite body shape from being linked to the selected face type. Height and meat can be adjusted with the slider, and the meat is a large change in the slider and the slider and the slidy that is not so large.

In addition, at the desired art director and Okumura, the character makeup screen is displayed from the front and back, as in the image of the animation character, and the face is also viewed from the various angles. increase. As a result, you can check if the character you are making is finished in your own preferences, and you can check it at a glance without operating the camera each time.

These layouts prepare a total of five tens of fogs for systematic and face confirmation, and placed the camera in front of each. It is displayed on the screen as a 2D texture.

Next, a team system responsible for character cleans was introduced. Teams are organized by planning, engineers, and art director, and three members of the character group, motion group and UI group. Characterial is also a game entrance that all players touch first, so we carry out a meeting once a week until the closed beta test test. It is said that it has a meeting online after Corona.

One avatar part consists of hair, upper body, lower body, hand, foot, hat, back, face parts, all 9 parts of underwear and accessories. Of these, it is upper body, lower body, hand, foot, hat that can be exchanged as a costume.

In the game that has focused on character cleans like this work, avatar’s dressing, coordination is one of the great pleasure. In addition, with enjoying it, there is also a removable and detachable at each site of the costume. Avatars are formed according to the assets that are the origin of the body and face.

Body type is available at both men and women, M, and L, and adjusting height with slider to adjust the size and shoulder width appropriately accordingly. These are to change according to the ideal figure prepared by Mr. Okumura.

In addition, the difference between the S-body type and the M-body type is mainly the size of the size, but the L-body type is slightly muscle with both men and women, so a dedicated model asset is provided.

For costumes, create a differential model creation and capacity reduction as a set of assets. Gloves and shoes have a four-stage length by equipment, and the parts of the upper body, the parts that interfere with the lower body equipment are handled. Just erase the display, so it can not cope with the difference in the thickness of the equipment, so it is adjusted so that the model does not interfere with the model.

One of the things that suffered Matsuo who suffered from Mr. Matsuo was that the work has progressed, and it was said that Socks are independent parts as a part. Women characters are available in socks rich, but because they are not so far … that’s why it was that reason, but by incorporating it into lower body parts, the expression of knee socks to eat in the past As we could respond to garter belts, I said that it was the correct answer as a result.

The hairstyle is an integral mold before and after why you want to take care of the silhouette. In addition, for one hairstyle, there is usually a differential model for hood equipment, for one hair shape, so that it is not necessary to break down. How to shake, Epic Games Japan’s support engineer · Sakuya Okada is a hobby, and the pseudo physics of the Unreal Engine 4 that is released free of charge is adopted Kawaii Physics . Mr. Matsuo has pushed the Taiko easy to set, easy to use, recommended,.

Avatar’s face parts consist of 5 parts of eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, contour, and bones are included in each part. When I moved the facials in the early development and consider whether to make a blend shape in a bone, the shape is so large that the load will increase as the number of vertices increases, so many characters can appear in one screen. Adopt bone by concluding that it is not. Because you can copy easily, it is also diverted to create an NPC and mob character that appears in the story.

In addition, since the modeling picture of an animation system like this work will be emotional expression with an eyebrow, it turned out that it was better to control with bones. As one of the commitments, I was introduced to Hokuro. Hokro is aware of one of the important factors that configure the character’s appearance identity, created with polygon so that the character is displayed away from the camera and displayed smaller. Furthermore, it is displayed larger than the camera, so it is said that a shader that can view hokuro firmly.

A little accident happened at the time of internal testing was also introduced. When you start the test play, the layers that are not very interested in the making have started playing the game with a button continuous hit, so the initial sequence says The initial state of the character to be created is naked (Underwear only). It has become a Naked Festival that the half-naked avatar is overflowed at the starting point. In order to avoid this, the initial sequence has been changed to acquire preset equipment and can optionally be able to hide the costumes.

Finally, the difference between real-based characterization was said. The year-old character, especially girls’ face that leaves the youngness, has a narrow width of the correct answer of parts other than the eyes, and realized that it is difficult to prepare a variation. Instead, you can make differences by packing a lot of information about the amount of information, such as fine-tuning makeup including eyelashes.

Men, especially middle-aged characters, contrary to it, the outline, eyebrows, and nose design correct answer is a wide range of eyes, so it is difficult to differentiate with eyes because it is difficult. Because the modeling of the animation system is different, the part that can be featured in the age is different, both gender and all ages were able to prepare the same number of parts in all ages, and told that it was very difficult to prepare the same number of parts, and close the first half of the lecture rice field.

# Findings of character recreation from the perspective of engineers

In the second half of the lecture, Mr. Nakada, who is the engineer of Bandainam Costagio 3rd Studio, is on the street. The last day of the closed beta test described above is introduced how more than 100 player characters gathered in one town to measure the load, and they were introduced to the load, and how to withstand that load Yes.

The avatar of this work is that five parts are composed of five parts, and the body is organized first, so to reduce the number of parts, execute the scale mesh asynchronously at the time of characterization.

As the asynchronous mesh merge reduces the number of objects, it contributes to the reduction of processing load and movement process, while the load of the merge processing itself is generated, and the memory used increases, and it takes some time when the characterization is completed. There is also a disadvantage such as.

If you signed such a disadvantage with the adjustment of the cache or asynchronous processing, the load when the 100 Avatars appeared simultaneously has improved from 30 Fps to 50 fps.

In order to reduce the load, the characterization part is excluded from the server. In addition to standard LODs, face meshes are replaced by STATICMESH’s face common to men and women if the level of LOD goes up to some extent.

Because character-of-character data can be managed by numbers and strings only, when interacting with the server that manages user information, you are crossing creation by accessing the part name and accessing the table of parts data. It is said that it reduces complicatedness by linking and managing information that depends on the part of the part to the part of the part, and controls the load of the asset load.

And, to make asset management more comfortable, efficient work by leveraging Python scripts. The benefits of using Python can be coded without a Build environment, says, You can easily receive a variety of Python modules that you can write a good-looking code compared to C ++ and BluePrint. I was.

In addition, another simple viewer is created and operated separately from the characterization at the beginning of the game main part. Confirmation at the time of part data creation, screenshot for creating materials, and character data creation of NPC is performed on this simple viewer.

For physical shake, at the beginning, I first considered the UE4 standard RididBody Node and Cloth, but now KAWAII Physics is also adopted. As RididBody increases the bone, the behavior becomes difficult to stabilize, but if you set the skimbourne separately, it takes a stability by setting Kawaii Physics directly because it takes too much setting cost.

RididBody has fewer bones hierarchies, and the behavior of the accessories. Kawaii Physics is a deep body, some accessories, haired hair, and Cloth are the behavior of the cloth.

Ashes of Creation - Scientific Nodes Explained

A universal load reduction was introduced as a fantasy work and reincarnation. Pool the NPCs that have disappeared on the screen far away from the camera, and rewrite character cleaner data as appropriate. By changing the appearance and used as another character, it is said that character generation and destruction processing load is reduced.

In the early development of development, the townjeter who lives in the peaceful city is why the weapon is handed (reincarnation what the character in the previous character has remained as it is) … It seems that the comical happening that the face was completed was also great.

Mr. Kaneda finally, There is no technical new challenge, but there is no technical new challenge, but it would be nice to be a hint of everyone’s development hint.

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