LOL The hard effects of the changes to Viego that deny one of the myths of the community

The domain of Viego on the champions of League of Legends is over. After several months of season in which this character has been the great protagonist in the items in which it was presented, Riot Games has carried out a series of hard adjustments that have ended with their dominion over the crack of the invoker. Changes in which the character has suffered some of the toughest measures of the developer and who have ‘ruined’ completely.

Viego collapses and denies the myth of the skins

The adjustments that the character has received in version 11.17 have had a devastating effect for the performance of it. Thus, he has suffered a decline of more than 3.5 percentage points at his victory rate . Situation caused by the hard blow that has received its passive healing in the early game and, above all, by the descent of 25 rank units that has made it an anomaly with respect to the rest of the characters.

Along with the modifications in the speed of movement, they have a much greater effect on the champions of which players think, the basic attack rank ** is another of the great variables with which Riot Games can modify the power of a character. It is an exceptional measure that hinders its exchanges of blows and the developer has barely used throughout its history, even less in recent years.

It is also curious the moment in which the developer has wanted to make these changes. Although the League of Legends community has always given the myth value that the characters receive improvements when a new Skin is about to arrive, In the case of Viego, it has been the opposite . The champion will soon have access to one of the new Pentakill aspects, and will be available just as it touches background in terms of performance in the invoker crack.

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