Counter Side Summer Vacation Memorial Vacation Episode Update

Nexon was developed by the Studio Bioside and the new event episode ‘2021 vacation episode: vice president’s summer vacation’ primary update was conducted on 24 days.

In this event episode, ‘Cofin Company’ vice president ‘Lee Soo-yeon’ leaves the summer vacation, which is a story that is experienced as a story that is experienced by the story of 5 stages, and afterwards, it is subsequently added ‘ACT’ It is scheduled to update.

You can play the event episode to earn the commemorative goods’ tropical flower decoration ‘and can be replaced by the’ Dante ‘equipment,’ Special Official Nuclear, ‘Furniture’ in the event store, and also when the event mission is completed, You can also get a new Vacation Skin ‘meat girl’ in ‘Monet’.

In addition to this, we launched five new skins for the vacation season. With the ‘Monet’ Vacation Skin, ‘Lily-Beach’s gastrointestinals’,’ Linshen-Romantic Chaser ‘,’ Sigma – Surfer looking for ‘Sigma – Treasures’, Ricorless – Hot Water Play .

New character ‘Lara Yes’, a new operator ‘Seranakru’ showed. ‘Lara Yes’ is moved at the location specified by the SSR rating tower unit, and the ultimate group is imposed on the enemies and damage the enemy. ‘Serina Crew’ is an SSR rating operator and releases all enemies except for permanent effects, and grants a certain time buff prohibition effect to enemies except bosses.

Nexon shall carry out ‘Vacation Event Episode’ updates to Go to Go to Government to September 13. Depending on the number of days of connecting, we provide a variety of compensation, such as’ Special Athletic Nuclear Exchange ‘,’ Fusion Nuclear Nuclear Exchange, ‘Fusion Nucleus’, and’ Set Binary ‘.

For more information on the ‘Counter Side’ ‘2021 Vacation Event Episode’ primary update, see the ‘Counter Side’ official community.

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