Genshin Impact 2 0 Phantom Flow Guide Level 5 You call it Eisenhaut Shooter Okuden

The fifth level of Genshin-impact ‘s phantom flow event version 2.0 is there and brings another challenge that travelers confront this time with some war machines.

Against this background, we will now tell you how you concludes the fifth phase of Genshin Impacts Current Phantom Flow Event, They Call It Ironskin and gets all the rewards.

Recommended characters / teams

Since this phase is included some ruin guards on the standard difficulties and the addition of a ruin Graders in challenge mode (OKUDEN), you must first select a DPS that can cause massive damage, but we recommend the use of elementary DPS’s, as the enemies have a high Resistance to physical. Names like Xiao, Hu Tao and Ganyu would be our top picks.

Apart from that, we recommend players to choose Bennett as a healer, as he distinguishes healing, the overall ATK of his teammates and produces energy for the party. Thereafter, a character that is able to produce shields is our next priority as it can focus on causing damage, rather than avoiding explosions and missiles.

  • As always, combos like Xiao – Hu Tao – Ganyu – Childe + Bennett can work wonders, as support in its sixth constellation is able to convert all the damage caused within its burst area in elementary and to enable reactions .

Phantom Flow Level 5 – Recommended Strategy – Shoots

To finish the phase, we recommend players to focus on creating as much elementary damage as possible while using their support to increase overall damage and shield the character on the playing field. It will not be difficult to do the enemies within time, as we, frankly, have often been confronted with Ruin Guards for almost a year.

Phantom Flow Level 5 – Recommended Strategy – Okuden

At the Okuden challenge, the degree of difficulty increases as usual.

Nevertheless, we recommend the use of 2 DPS, a main and a burst so that you can keep your overall damage high at any time. The DPS + Bennett combination is great again and offers all tools you need to accept the challenge.

  • If you have problems with this level, we recommend the use of consumables to increase your main statistics and your opportunities. If you use Bennett, it is strongly recommended to use ATK-focused.

Genshin-impact is currently available for PC, via the official launcher of Mihoyo and the Epic Games Store, on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and on mobile devices – Android and iOS -. You can do your progress thanks to its. Also part of all platforms cross-Save special feature.

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