Get Thash Metallic Smash Box Skin and More Prizes

Many programs are running to mark the fourth anniversary of free fire games. Many free items offer a series, while others require that the players spend in-game currency, diamonds.

Recently a new Friends Callback Event has been added, in which the thresh metalik booty box is reward.

Getting Throw Metallic Smash Box Skin and Other Awards from Callback Event in Free Fire

The callback event began recently and will run for seven days. During this time, the user can get the prize to invite passive friends back in the game.

Below are the rewards which can meet the new events to the Gamers:

  • 10x anniversary Call a friend back to get a dynamic token
  • 10x anniversary Call back to three friends to get a dynamic token
  • Call five friends to get thrash metallic boot box
  • Back to seven friends to receive 2x weapon Royal Vouchers (30 September 2021 will end)

Steps for Access

Step 1: You will have to open a free fire by clicking on the Calendar icon and go to the event section.

Step 2: Next, under the Fourth Anniversary tab, press the Friend Callback tab. After this, you must click on the Go to button.

Step 3: After that, you have to tap on the Call Back button. The list of all those friends will appear on your screen that are not active.

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Click Step 4: Invite button, and send invitation links to players using any method.

If you have invited five players to return to free fire, then you will be eligible to claim thresh metallic loot crate.

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