Near Replica Mascot Emil Nendoroid appeared

The Nendoroid (ねんどろいど, Nendoroido) series is a brand of plastic numbers developed by the Japanese Great Smile Company in 2006. They generally illustrate characters from anime, manga or video clip games and are created with a large head as well as smaller sized body to give them a charming appearance. Their faces as well as other body parts are exchangeable, providing a variety of various expressions as well as presents. The Nendoroid brand covers a variety of different products: the initial 10 cm numbers, smaller sized Nendoroid Petite numbers, additional display devices called the Nendoroid Extra series along with plushies and also play collections. A number of computer game have actually also been released based upon Nendoroid designs.

‘Emil’ Nendoroid Figures were released, the main character of the mascot and producer of the Near Series. This figure was based on the appearance of ‘Near Replica Trifle Ver.1.22474487139 …’ and was almost unchanged, despite reinterpreting the original chubby body. Emilenendoroids are capable of detachment of the coat part, and it is possible to create a bare body without a coat. Optional components include staff, wizard effects, wrist parts, and tears of moon. Square Enix is in accordance with Eminendoroid Reservation, and the price is 6,600 yen (about 70,000 won), and the date of release is January 2022.

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