Pok mon Go Today is RAID

Inpokémon GO finds today, on August 25, 2021, the RAID hour with the legendary Monster Zacian. We, by Meinmmo, have viewed us which counter is best suited against this Pokémon and explain why you should use the raid hour today.

What is a RAID hour? The raid hour is a one-hour short event in Pokémon Go, which takes place weekly. During the event, legendary RAID bosses of eggs of the Level-5 RAIDs are slipping in almost all arenines. This week, you will meet the legendary Pokémon Zacian in his heroic warrior form.

RAID hour with Zacian (heroic warrior shape) – Infos and counterattack

When does the event start? The RAIDSTunde takes place on Wednesdays between 18:00 and 19:00 local time. Even today, you will see dark eggs above the arena before starting to slip punctually.

There is Shiny Zacian? No, a dazzling specimen of Zacian is not to get in the game so far.

These are the best counterattack against Zacian: The legendary fairy-Pokémon Zacian has a special weakness against attacks of type poison and steel due to its type. This should therefore be used in any case to defeat it quickly.

With the help of the overview of PokeBattler we have summarized the best counterattack (via PokeBattler.com):

Use mega developments: Of course you can also use your mega developments against Zacian. These counterparts are particularly suitable for this:

  • Mega Gengar with Schlecker and Matt Bomb
  • Mega-Bibor with poison butt and mud bomb
  • Mega-Bisaflor with ranking wire and mud bomb
  • Mega-dubeoss with steel wing and dive

How many coaches do you need? You should be at least 3 coaches with optimal counterattacks to defeat Zacian in his heroic warrior shape. However, we recommend that you take a few friends or invite you to remote RAID. You can also participate in distant RAIDs with your remote-raid passes.

Is the RAID hour worthwhile?

Zacian in his heroic warrior form is only available for a few days, through the 3rd Hyperbonus, in Pokémon Go. It has strong values ​​in the attack and defense, but can only convince less in RAIDs due to its attack combination.

According to the overview of Pvpoke, however, it is a good monster for use in the Hyperliga (via pvpoke.com). So if you regularly participate in PVP struggles and need a strong fairy pokémon for your collection, you should use the opportunity again today.

Because a lot of time to catch it does not stay anymore, because tomorrow it disappears from the Raids again. It is thus to get your last chance Zacian to get hold of. So if you could not catch one, the raid hour should not miss anyway today.

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How does it continue? Tomorrow, August 26, 2021, at 10:00 am Zacian is replaced as Raid boss of Zamacenta. When it comes back to the game, is currently unknown. But Zamacenta will then be finding only a few days in the Level-5-Raids. In addition, you have the opportunity to solve your temporary research on the 3rd hyperbonus until 31st August.

How do you find today’s raid hour? Will you attend, or is not that your thing? Have you already caught a strong Zacian? Write us your opinion here in the comments!

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