Valorant Patch 3 04 The update that leaves everything ready for the next Masters of Berlin

Valorant takes time without receiving great changes to gameplay, but updates continue to arrive steadily. Riot Games has focused on improving the game throughout this episode 3 to continue improving the pillars that will sustain the tactical shooter in the future. In this way, patch 3.04 focuses once more on gaming technology, quality of life and mistakes that make somewhat friendly experience.

The new version should reach European servers on August 24 at 7:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular time

Patch 3.04 of Valorant: All settings and improvements

The promise was not to do too many adjustments to agents, weapons or gameplay with the launch of new versions that were too close to the great competitions and with the Berlin Masters around the corner, the forecasts have been met again.

Settings and changes to agents

In most cases, we are before bug arrangements and interactions that did not work at all well.


  • The swept veil has received a correction so that now the launch is adjusted to the indicators and does not move from unintentional ways


  • Arranged a bug in which his amount of toxin could continue to be reduced when he received a fair suppression when activating his skills


  • KAY / O : You can no longer be equipped with skills that you do not have loads


  • Other colleagues will not be able to launch their skills about the launch projectile of their smoke when it is in the middle of the air

General adjustments

  • Arranged a bug in which vision alterations disappeared when a player was eliminated in a smoke
  • Fixed a visual bug in which the Buff or DeBuff times were not shown in the viewer chamber
  • Fixed a visual bug in which we were shown to the companions deleted after spectar them if they were at the end of the last round

Game technology: arrangements and improvements


  • Added a limitation to the shortcuts introduced into the mouse wheel so that a quick turn is postable as a single input

Performance and statistics

  • Improvements to graphics and performance statistics that now allow you to observe more detailed shipping and loss packets, admes from the memory used and available
  • Settings to the way you show less relevant statistics on screen
  • Added the option to show average and maximum values ​​for some statistics
  • Reduction of the cost of performance in the statistics sample

Settings and arrangements

  • Fixed a fault that made the attackers win when all players died at the same time , for example, with a definitive Raze. Now they will win the defenders to avoid the planted.
  • Fixed a failure in which deactivating the plotting bullets caused that those of the enemies and allies will also be deactivated. Now it will work properly only with your own shots.
  • Fixed a failure in which some configurations were not saved correctly.

Improvements to the observer and the competitive

There have been important improvements to observer mode that will have an impact on the quality of the retransmission of the upcoming competitions.

  • The order on the screen in the previous room will remain both in the heading and in the agent selection.
  • Dead times will now be shown in the color of the equipment that has requested it
  • White dots on agents when observing in third person will no longer be shown in the observer’s chamber
  • Observers will now see correctly the skill equipped with Cypher
  • The definitive Viper will be displayed correctly in the minimap
  • There will be no flash in the camera when changing players
  • You can no longer interact with the store at the waiting time
  • The observer’s HUD settings will be clearly shown
  • Player identification plates are no longer kept on the screen when tracking a projectile

Settings to social functions

  • Added a timer to detect AFK players in Round-based modes
  • Fixed a failure that caused some invitations to not disappear after being rejected
  • Fixed a failure that did not allow to check the voice settings

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