Who is the representative of LCK Start 31 days of rolling cup line

A seed is a rival or team in a sport or other event that is offered a preliminary position for the functions of the draw. Players/teams are grown into the brace in a way that is commonly intended to make sure that the very best do not meet until later on in the competition, normally based on normal season record. The term was initially used in tennis, and also is based upon the concept of setting out a competition ladder by setting up slides of paper with the names of gamers on them the means seeds or plants are arranged in a yard: smaller sized plants up front, larger ones behind.Sometimes the remaining competitors in a single-elimination event will be re-seeded so that the highest possible surviving seed is made to play the most affordable surviving seed in the following round, the second-highest plays the second-lowest, and so on. This might be done after each round, or only at selected periods.

League of Legend Champions Korea (LCK) said that League of Legend World Championship (League Cup) LCK representative prejudice is held from August 31 to September 2th.

The Rolled Cup is the best stage for athletes, leaders and teams to play. The best teams representing each region gathered to give the last winner team to the end of the winner, and will be held in Europe.

The team that can be played in the World Championship in LCK this year is four teams. The opening of the 2021 LCK, which will be held on the 28th, is the first place of the championship point (1st place to summar to the championship point between 9 teams, except the winning team, excluding the Seed of Kia and T1.

LCK Summer regular leagues and playoff results by catering Kia and Zenge, T1, and the World Championship ticket, and the sequence of seeds of each team will be determined according to the final results. If the crew is victorious, if Yen, Jenge accounts for two seeds and T1 will have the final exhibition of LCK representative. If T1 won, Circle Kia should acquire Seed 2 and Jenge should take the final exhibition of LCK representative.

In the past, since the seeds assigned to the LCK was three sheets, the team was given to the team, which was the final victory in the preliminary start, The chapter was given more. Therefore, in this representative selection, we can go to the World Championships if they go up to the end of the finals.

The World Championships Korean representative selection of the main world championship tickets will be held on August 31 from 5:00 pm to 5 to 5 percentage from 5:00 pm every day.

According to the championship points reflecting the results of Sarmers and Summer Split, the Hanwha Life E Sports, which has been dropped from the first round of the Summer Playoff and Spring Playoff, and the winning team, Nongshim with a Nongshim Red Force and 2 rounds. The team who won in the second round is the master of the World Championship ticket, and the final finals of the line development will be a confrontation that determines the 4th seed to play the World Championship. Therefore, the two rounds of the first round winner and the Nongshim Red Force confront will be the victim of the confusion.

League of Legend World Championships LCK Representative Line Generation Relay Broadcasting is a LCK official channel, which is broadcast through an online platform, including a TV, Africa TV, Naver E Sports & Games, and the African TV cable channels.

LCK Lee Jung-hoon said, I would like to ask you a lot of attention before the Korean representative selection of the Korean representative of the last team to play on the World Championship of Roll e Sports.

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