COD VANGUARD Alpha starts this week and so you do with platform pre

The first test phase of Call of Duty: Vanguard starts this week. In Alpha, players on the PlayStation are allowed to throw a first look into the multiplayer of the new COD and try out the Arena mode Champions Hill. All details of participation can be found here on Meinmmo.

What’s going on? The new Call of Duty: Vanguard celebrated a few days ago his Reveal in Battle Royale Warzone and starts his first test phase this week:

  • Champions Hill alpha for PlayStation from Friday, 27.08. At 19 o’clock, until Sunday, 29.08. at 19 o’clock.

Owners of a PlayStation 4 or PS5 thus get a first opportunity to test the new Call of Duty. The Alpha is part of the collaboration between Sony and Call of Duty and therefore reserved for PlayStation players. For the other platforms, it starts at the earliest on September 16, with the start of the beta on all platforms.

For Champions Hill alpha there is a trailer that we integrate here:

Vanguard-Alpha: All information at runtime and download

* How can I participate in the Alpha? *

The blog entry of Call of Duty speaks of 2 prerequisites: a PlayStation (4 or 5) and an internet connection. Once the alpha is available, you will find the download in the PlayStation Store.

* How long is the alpha? *

From the 27th of August at 7pm to 29th August at 7 pm you can test the mode on the PlayStation.

* When does the pre-load start? *

Today, on the 23rd of August, you can start the download from 12 noon.

* How big is the download? *

There are no official numbers yet, but the Twitter account PlayStation Game Size has probably already found indications – the alpha is therefore 21,233 GB large (via Twitter).

Vanguard: Alpha with gameplay for new mode

What is there in the Alpha? In the test phase you can test the brand new mode Champions Hill. The descriptions read like a new, developed variant of small firefight modes.

How to run Champions Hill? You play either as a 2VS2 or 3VS3 in a small tournament with 8 teams. In each round you have to shoot the lives of the opposing team on 0 to come to the next round.

At the beginning, all players start with the same loadout. Through reveased points you can then get better weapons, essays, equipment and even killstreaks. Points are done by switching off enemies or by drops that can collect them during a round. Between the rounds there is then a buy phase in which you are equipped and better equipment for the next round buys.

At the end, the team wins that remains left.

More about the new Vanguard:

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  • Vanguard is the largest Call of Duty for 10 years – more than twice as many maps like Cold was
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The small fire habits came in the last two cods look good and with Vanguard the modes go the next step. Instead of small battles over a few minutes you will always play the fire habits always in a tournament that takes a little longer.

It will be exciting to see which modes otherwise develop the latest cod and on which corners is known to us.

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