Giroud celebrates double pack

Anyone who had followed Olivier Giroud on the 1st matchday, who had recognized: The Frenchman who came from FC Chelsea annoys extensively about awarded opportunities and missed graduates, the world champion of 2018 was absolutely necessarily for his new club networks.

A week later, the time has come: a newly motivated giroud took a passing match right in the penalty area with his colleagues right in the penalty area with his left foot – and hit extremely worth seeing in the long corner (24th minute). This was at this time at the same time the 3: 1 preliminary decision in an extremely entertaining first half, in which the guest from Cagliari was offensively well-played well, but had disclosed defensively acute weaknesses. So Tonali had already been with a great free-kick gate in the left angles (12th) and Rafael Leao with a little luck (17th, intercepted by teammates Brahim Diaz) other hits.

In the meantime, the Sarden came only by header to 1: 1 of Deola (15th). More was against a truly gas-giving host from Milan, who undermined the own ambitions this season with powerful emphasis and significantly better than on the 1st matchday at the narrow 1-0 at Sampdoria Genoa, just not in it.

Applause for the new man

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And with that back to Giroud: The pious striker who had delivered to this evening for the other somewhat intensive duel with Cagliaris Never Tentally Defense Godin (35, Former Inter and Atletico), should meet a second time. According to the hand game of Strootman and Var review, the already imposed penalmeter for Milan had existed, so that the attacker grabbed the ball and successfully turned the 4-1 decision (43.). In section two, then he and his team was quieter, managed rather sent, although a 5: 1 or 6: 2 (also Cagliari came again) would have been possible.

Just before the end, Giroud was replaced under loud applause of coach Stefano Pioli. The professional itself enjoyed the moment with a grin, he had entered the shooting list for the first time this evening in the domestic San Siro.

Successful top clubs – and JUVE

Incidentally, the Milanese concluded with this deserved 4: 1 success with the strong top group. These include Master Inter (3: 1 against Hellas) also the Roma (4: 0 after strong second half with great gates at promoted Salerna), Lazio (6: 1-Immal Show against Spezia) and Napoli (2: 1 at CFC Genoa). All of these clubs stand after two matchdays and thus before the upcoming international space break at the full six points.

Anyone who is already proper pressure now is Juventus. The record champion and long-standing Scudetto serial winner has gone after the farewell of Cristiano Ronaldo on Saturday with 0: 1 against FC Empoli Baden \ – and is only with a single counter.

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