Pok mon Go starts a bonus today

Inpokémon Go runs today, on August 30, another raid hour with Zamozeta. We show you the most important counterparts and for whom the event is worthwhile.

What is this for an event? As a rule, RAID hours are running at Pokémon Go every Wednesday a week. But now and then there are additional events that give you the opportunity to complete many legendary RAIDs.

Today, a RAID hour started with Zamozeta and we show you the most important information you need for the event.

Zamozenta counterover and all information about the event

When is it going? A raid hour starts at Pokémon Go always at 18:00 and is active for an hour. At 19:00, the event will be finished and the normal raids appear again.

What happens? After the start of the event you will find almost on each Arena in the game Zamozenta Raids. The RAID eggs appear for about a quarter of an hour before the start of the event and announce the raids for you.

You have to know about Zamozeta: The Pokémon will find you since Thursday, August 26th, in Pokémon Go. It is the counterpart to Zacian and represents the shield in the game series Sword and Shield. Zamözeta can take two different forms: heroic warrior shape and the king of the wind. Currently you will find it in the heroic warrior form.

The best counterpart: Zamözeta belongs to the type of fight and is therefore particularly prone to attacks of types of flight, psycho and fairy.

Among the strongest attackers include:

  • (Crypto) Mewtu with psychologists and psychos
  • (Crpyto) Lavados with wing lift and sky sweep
  • (Crypto) Kokowei with confusion and psychokinese
  • (Crypto) MetaGloss with Zen’s head and psychokinese
  • (Crypto) Guardevoir with confusion and psychokinese

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In our counter-guide to Zamozeta in Pokémon Go we show you more strong attackers in the RAID.

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It’s worth it? Zamözeta is currently not an outstanding attacker. There is not the right moves in the game yet. In the PVP, however, it is already quite strong in the master league. In general, the RAIDSTunde is now worthwhile for you, if you do not have a copy of this Pokémon, but like to have one.

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