Pok mon Go Psychological Spectacle brings 2 new Pok mon starts in a few days

In Pokémon Go, the psychological show event, which brings new Pokémon to the game, begins in a few days. We will show you the start time, the bonuses and the new Pokémon.

What kind of event is that? Psychic Pokémon will appear in nature and incursions during the event. In addition, developers unlock a new part of the special jokes misunderstood with Hoopa.

The usual bonuses for snapshots and special encounters during field research are also active again. See all the details here.

Psychological spectacle – Event in September

When you start? The event will be held from Wednesday, September 8 at 10:00 A.m. until Monday, September 13 at 8:00 p.m. The hours refer to the local time.

Two new Pokémon: Part of the event is the release of Iscalar and its subsequent Calampano Development. Iscalar has a specialty when it comes to developing. Niantic says: coaches who are already in the Kalos region pokémon X and pokémon Y have traveled, they will certainly not start to rotate! (Through nianticlabs.com).

In the Pokémon games of Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch, it had to be turned around the console, according to the development of Iscalar. It is very possible that it works similarly with Pokémon Go and that, therefore, Niantic has used allusion with Rotating.

Special Research: There will be additional tasks for special research jokes misunderstood at the event. We already know that Hoopa’s research will be enormous.

Desert engendros: As you know for other events, the engenders in nature will also change this time. In the psychological show, these are Open, Traumato, Mollimorba and Monozyto. With luck but also with Pygraulon and Iscalar, reveals Niantic.

Insion heads: During the event you will meet the next bosses in the Arenas:

  • Level 1: Sterndu, Palimpalim, Bronzel, Psiau and Iscalar
  • Level 3: Alola-Raichu, Woingenau, Meditalis and Metagross
  • Level 5: Still Lugia
  • Mega raids: still lame

Do you want new stickers? You can find them here with Iscalar, Calamanero, Woingenau and Flegmon during the event.

What else is there? As a reward for field research, you will receive encounters with Pokémon as Fleknoil or Iscalar. When it comes to snapshots, there is a surprise, as the Niantic flame, once a day. By turning the stops or opening gifts, you will receive stickers with Psycho-Pokémon, which are also available in the store.

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