Best Free Fire Sensitivity Settings for Headhots and Aggressive Gamesplay in September 2021

Free Fire is the impressive amount of rating and download on the leading app store. The game has recently crossed more than billions on Google Play Store. The size of the game is less than 1 GB and it runs easily on the low-end device.

Players with good goal skills are always one. Like to play aggressive style. It helps them to rack more assassins and maintain their stats. However, sensitivity settings also play a key role to become good in free fire.

With a good set of sensitivity settings, the user can easily increase its accuracy, response time and repetition control.

Free Fire Sensitivity Settings for Headhots and Aggressive Gamesplay

Changing sensitivity settings for different areas in Free Fire and there is an in-game option in the settings menu for free look. They can set these sensitivity settings based on their comfort level so that the weapon, arms can be better to target and control the recurrence of different.

Here are the best sensitivity settings for those who want to play aggressively and want to kill more headshots on enemies.

  • Normal: 100
  • red point: 80
  • 2x Scope: 70

  • 4x Scope: 60
  • AWM Scope: 50
  • Free Look: 60

Tips to improve gameplay in Free Fire

1) Master Control

The first tip to make the gameplay a great extent in the free fire is to get the most comfortable control layout. Gamers are advised that they do not repeat their control settings repeatedly. It reduces the memory of their control muscles, and they become unable to tap on the right button quickly.

2) Master Sensitivity Settings

The second tip with which free fire player can play like professionals, he is mastering his sensitivity settings. It helps them to kill more headshots in the near range and controls the recurrence of various weapons in the middle limit and long distance battle.

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3) Practice on training

Gamers are advised to master their control layout and sensitivity settings by visiting the field of training. There is an impressive training system in Free Fire where the player can significantly increase his goal and accuracy skills.

Note: Players are advised to make small changes in these sensitivity settings. This will help them find the right set of sensitivity settings based on their device. Additionally, this article shows the ideas of the author.

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