Fortnite What time is the final event of season 7 in Spain Official dates and schedules

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Season 7 of fortnite is about to end and that can only mean one thing: it’s time to think about the final event. Epic Games has already announced the arrival of Operation Sky on Flames , whose objective will be to infiltrate the alien base to a good blow to the extraterrestrials. Keep in mind that the event will not have a possibility of repetition, so we can only complete it once when it is activated.

Date and time of the final event of season 7

The final event of season 7 of this Chapter 2 of Fortnite will take place the next Sunday, September 12 at 22:00 Spanish peninsular time (CEST). However, we can alist us at the mission for half an hour before the beginning of this one with a group of up to 16 friends. Thus, it would be convenient to book hollow a little earlier so as not to take us a last minute disgust related to the overload of servers or problems that may arise.

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Aspects to take into account with the End of Season

Although it is not essential to enjoy the end season event, there are a few tasks that we should carry out before that it begins on the scheduled date and time, since from that moment there will be no going behind.

  • Use battle stars and artifacts to avoid automatic exchange.
  • Complete Superman’s missions, which will disappear after the end of the year
  • Take advantage of the wild time of corner of opportunities, which allows you to earn more exp. To complete the pass.
  • The missions of LeBron James or Vigifer Hunter continue on next season.

Knowing all this, you are more than ready to enjoy operating heaven on fire and live a new season in Fortnite. Touch to spend page to discover what the news in the Battle Royale will be in season 8.

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