LOL Ryze s secret interaction to deceive rivals and how to take advantage of it

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If we had to think about the most complex champions of everything League of Legends , it is unlikely that the name of Ryze would come to mind. Launched in the first season and having since become one of the most problematic heroes of the game, under the simple gameplay that its current version offers a few secrets in the form of interactions that make it more complex than it appears.

The secret mechanics of the definitive Ryze

Take Over (ft. Jeremy McKinnon (A Day To Remember), MAX, Henry) | Worlds 2020 - League of Legends

The ultimate of this champion ( Distortion of kingdoms ) has already been a source of recent controversy in competitive because of a game of Fnatic who did not discover how the skill could be spent trying to predict what users wanted to do. An interaction since then well known that has different ramifications and that can be caused at will allowing us to deceive the rivals or react to their movements.

This has been shown by a player who has shared what he himself defined as an illegal play. In it he showed us as the activation of the return to base could avoid Ryze’s trip on the other side of the portal . An interaction that is activated after having passed approximately half second channeling the ‘Recall’. Thus, we can cheat our rival by canceling the Ultimate when it seems that it is already too late because we can get out of it manually.

As we can see in the play, when it makes the decision that it is better not to get on the portal it is too late to escape be safe, so it throws the return back to cancel it as soon as the effect ends, ending up the best Possible position and finishing the rival with a last blow that would have been impossible in any way. A curiousness of League of Legends that not only works with this character: All those that climb the portal act in the same way .

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