List of champions of the faith of Assassin s Creed Valhalla River RAID


Champions of faith

England Protector

Ireland Defender.

Anointed from France.

In Update 1.3.1 of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Ubisoft has added new River RAID maps that players can complete. These maps have a unique missions line that players can do for vagn. Once the Missions line is completed, battles of Special Chiefs will appear called River RAID champions so that the players complete them. Each defeated champion unlocks a special weapon. There are three weapons in total to unlock. Here is the full list of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla River Raid champions.

Champions of faith

Complete the Lugh’s Missions Line Armor for Vagn will unlock the Enemy Type Champions of faith in River Raids. These enemies are special leaders that appear at the heavy defense levels of the river. Currently, there are three champions of faith that players can find and defeat. Each boss releases a special weapon when being defeated. Vagn will indicate the address of the three bosses:

England protector. Ireland’s advocate. Anointed from France.

For each boss mentioned above, you must go to specific locations in River Raids specific. Once you arrive at the location, a scene will be activated and a boss fight will begin. Defeating the boss gives you the special weapon of him.

Protector of England

Protective head of England.

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Location : Location of the River Severn monastery. Unlock weapons : Danish ax lost roll (ax).

The first champion of faith that you will have to defeat is the protector of England. The Protective Chief of England is located on the Svernn River in a marked monastery on your map. Go to the search scoreboard to trigger a bosses fight. This bosses fight forces you to defeat the champion of the faith of England and two bodyguards. Your Jomsviking can help you in this battle. By defeating this boss, you will pick up the Roll Dane Ax.

Defender of Ireland

Duo of sibling fights and sister.

Location : Location of the Druid of the Berbha River. Unlock weapons : Celtic crusher (hammer).

By defeating the first champion, you will unlock the advocate mission of Ireland. This mission forces you to locate the champion of faith in a druid place along the Berbha River. The location of the boss is marked on your map. Go to the target marker to trigger a bosses fight with two enemies. These enemies are a duo of brothers and sisters. Defeat both to receive the Celtic crusher hammer.

Anointed from France

The ungged chief of France.

Location : Location of the River Rhine monastery. Unlocking of weapons : Sacred sword of Sir Gareth (sword).

The last fight of bosses that unlock is the anointed of France. This boss is located in the monastery along the River Rhine. Once you reach the search score, you will trigger a boss fight with a solitary enemy. Defeat this enemy to get the sacred sword of Sir Gareth. After getting the gun, he leaves the River RAID and returns to Vagn.

When you complete all the head fights listed above, you will have completed the RIVER RAID content that was added during update 1.3.1. Return to vagn and talk to him to activate the end of the River RAID Missions line. You will receive a special note indicating that there are more content to come. This content will appear in Futures DLC and updates.

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