Bayern II obliges Croats Lovro Zvonarek long term

The reserve of the German record champion commits the Talent Lovor Zvonarek. The offensive midfielder, who can also play both wing positions, plays at the Croatian first division slaven Belupo.

Not only since these days we are convinced of his great development potential.

Jochen Sauer

At the age of 16 and 14 days Zvonarek was allowed to cheer his first goal in the first Croatian league. At Slaven Belupo, currently bottom of the table, he is already part of the solid family personnel. There he will come to the end of the current season until he comes to Munich in July, where he already completed sample training units in the spring. We are convinced that it is currently so best for his personal development. That’s why we have only committed him to the new season, says Holger Seitz, sporty ladder at Bayern campus.

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Zvonarek is looking forward to his time at the Munich Reserve. Bayern is one of the largest and most successful clubs in the world. Play here in the future and carry this jersey, meets me with pride, reveals the right foot.

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