How to get free MokoS Wings Parachute Skin in Free Fire

Garena has launched a series of free fire, awakened moko centered around Moko Character in new events. She is called Ribth: And there are so many exciting cosmetics, which is a big attraction for the players.

Forza Horizon 3 - Camouflage City Edition (with a Twist)
Today many programs started, one of which is a coder crib, where the user can get special pins, parachutes, pet skins and a lot. It started on September 10 and will be open to the players till September 26.

Receive Moko Wing Parachute in Free Fire?

Moko’s wing is available as part of the parachute coder’s crib program, where the players need to collect Koder Cube C1 by completing the droplets after the in-game mission and match.

Gamer can use these token to play the new PU Po Pue Minigom to earn M Coins, which they can redeem for various from the Award Horizon Store.

The list of items available in the horizon store is as follows:

0% Progress

Moko Month Pin: 200m Cone
Alive: 15m coins
Summon Airdrop: 15m Coins
Scan: 15m coins

25% Progress

pet food
Armor Crate
supply Crate
Pet Skin: Cyber ​​Falco

50% progress

Moko’s wings parachute
Random Loadout Loot Crate
1x Gold Royal Voucher

75% progress

1x Diamond Royal Voucher
1x weapon Royale voucher

Award for 100% progress has not yet been revealed.

To reach the program in Free Fire, the reader can pass through these steps:

Step 1: First of all, players will have to open the Event Interface and then have to select Pu Pu Pui Mini-Game to earn M Cein

Step 2: After this, they can tap on the icon present next to the enormous bar to open the horizon store.

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Step 3: Gamer can redeem items of your choice.

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