LOL A developer shows in video the eliminated ability of VEX That s how it worked

Although VEX has become one of the new most interesting champions, it will not reach League of Legends of the way Riot Games had planned his launch. Development problems caused an important delay in the Champion who, in addition, has changed fundamental aspects of his gameplay throughout this. Among these modifications, an especially outstanding came by eliminating that it was going to be its most important skill.

A developer shows VEX in his testing phase

This canceled ability of the new champion had already become public by Riot Games. However, a developer worker wanted to show it in video so that players understood better as it worked. We must pay attention to the Portal that Vex places and how the Rival Orianna Ball slows down. Of course, keep in mind that for developmental reasons, the character uses an aspect of Tristana (his model of her was not finished by then).

Although we already knew the effect of drafting projectiles and its cancellation because it would cost several times the League of Legends budget, it was difficult to imagine that it would be so powerful. As soon as the portal goes through, the ball stops its progress almost as if it was a Yasuo wall that prevents the passage from skills, causing VEX to win the fight and get a low launching what seems to be some Type of skill shot and potentiated basic attacks. Keep in mind, in addition, that this spell also increased the scope of the allies skills.

Most players were surprised at Riot’s live broadcast chat, although it seems complicated that this system would have ended up being Mid Lanner. This eliminated ability would be one of the best to act as support enhancing the rest of unimaginable ways. However, it only remains to be speculated with which it would have happened: the bad thing that they show us canceled skills is that is usually done when there is no intention of introducing them in League of Legends in the future .

The image belongs to the artist Manuel Alejandro Plaza , here you can continue at ArtStation

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